19 Weeks Pregnancy Update

So I thought it would be a nice idea to document my pregnancy on my blog. Not only for myself to look back on but for everyone else to see how I’m getting on with the ever wonders of pregnancy. I am going to kick off with my 19 week update.

far along?
 19 Weeks, 5 Days

weight gain:
know I have put on weight, obviously as I am now half way through my pregnancy J but I don’t think I will be
documenting my gain on my blog!

Yes, only a few items though. I have
purchased, black leggings (which I live in), Topshop Leigh Jeans, and a few
long sleeve t-shirts. I desperately need to find a winter coat as it is
freezing in London!

 No stretch marks, thank god! I am
using Bert’s Bee’s Oil and Cream. I do believe that if you’re going to get them
you will, no amounts of cream/oils will prevent this. But I like to use them
anyway J

moment this week:
the baby more!

Having the odd drink, as
it’s getting closer to Christmas/NYE everyone will be drinking and celebrating
with champagne etc and i’ll be stuck with some form of non-alcoholic alternative. Boo! Oh well, I know it’s for a good cause.

Movement: Yes, I feel movement all the time; this little baby of mine moves
and kicks so much. I love it! Daddy hasn’t felt a kick yet, but I am hoping he will very soon, I’m sure he thinks I’m making it up!

Hot chocolate’s from
Starbucks with lots of cream!!!!!!

making you queasy or sick:
 Nope, I
want to eat anything and everything.

Gender: We won’t be finding out. I want to find out, but Freddie
doesn’t want to L Only 4 months to go, and it’ll be a lovely surprise and more
of a reason to push, I suppose!


Symptoms: Massive boobs, heartburn, acid reflux and a general
feeling of being pregnant. My doctor called me and said I am low in Vitamin D,
so I will need to take extra tablets for this as well as my prenatal vitamins.

button in or out?
 In, but
when I poke my finger inside it feels like it’s about to pop out.

rings on or off?
 Off L
my knuckles are swollen.

or moody most of the time:
 Happy in
the morning, but miserable come the evening.

Looking forward to: Our 20 week scan which is on Tuesday! I cannot wait to
see my little chubs (nickname for baby) again!

So that’s my first pregnancy update, just want to mention how excited I am about starting up my blog again. It’s always been something I throughly enjoyed but didn’t stay committed to, which is such a shame. But I’m back in full force and ready to blog pretty much every other day if not once a day 🙂

Tomorrow’s post contains my typical Sunday with the family and what I got up to. Lots of seasonal delights!!

Stay tuned! x


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