I Heart Fall Tag

I thought it would be a nice idea to complete a tag, and as it’s fitting I decided to do the I heart fall/autumn tag.
Here we go..
Favourite Fall Lip Product?
This is a difficult one for me,  I usually stick to the same lip colour through each season, which is a nudey shade (Fanfare, MAC) but if I did have to pick one specifically for Autumn, I would say Plumful, by MAC. I think it’s dark hues create a real festive, autumnal feel whilst being on trend at the same time.
Also as it gets colder, a strong lip balm is in order. I tend to reach for Nuxe, Reve De Miel As stated on the Space NK website it’s super concentrated, soothes, repairs and nourishes all in one. I use this in the morning and then add my lipstick of choice on top. I honestly have to say this lip balm stays put all day! A definite handbag essential.
Favourite Fall Nail Polish?
When painting my nails, I have to stop myself from reaching for Essie, Luxedo otherwise I’d wear it all the time! It’s super dark, almost black looking but has a tinge of dark purple. This colour goes with absolutely everything I wear, as it is a simple block colour. It’s perfect for Autumn and then the Winter months too. I use OPI, Nail Envy as my bottom coat and Sally Hansen, Mega Shine Top Coat to finish it off, this way I only need to paint my nails once a week with very little chipping.
Favourite Fall Candle?
The White Companies, Winter Signature Candle is my FAVE! If I had the money, because the candle is quite expensive. I would have one in every room in my apartment. It’s spicy, with cinnamon notes, cloves and a dash of orange for good measure. A candle, that leaves you wanting to snuggle up under a blanket for the evening with a good movie.
Favourite Fall Scent or Perfume?
Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne is a perfume I’d happily wear every day of the year come rain or snow. This fragrance can easily transcend into the cooler months of autumn in my eyes. It’s rich, luxurious, elegant but yet not girly.
Favourite Fall Drink?
At the moment because I’m pregnant i’m not really allowed caffine so, my fave fave Autumn drink is the biggest Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate with cream, I could honestly drink one of this every hour! YUM! If pregnancy wasn’t an issue I would usually stick to my everyday drink which is a Tall vanilla latte, as equally as nice as the hot chocolate.
Favourite Fall Scarf or accessory?
An accessory I cannot leave home without is my Sheepskin Ugg Gloves especially as it gets colder. My hands always seem to suffer in the cold where I feel the need to keep having to moisturise them. Wearing gloves leaves my hands feeling warm and snug.
Favourite Fall Hair Style?
I have super curly hair which I straighten the hell out of! I hate my curly hair! My favourite hairstyle in the colder months would be tied up and out of my face, usually in a pony tail. Only because it can get quite windy and the last thing I want to end up with is a birds nest for hair!
Favourite Fall Activity?
Long walks in Richmond Park with my loved ones, hot drink in hand. Then off for dinner (preferably a Roast) after dinner retire to the sofa with a yummy dessert. Pure bliss!
What is your Favourite thing about Fall?
I love that it gets colder and the days shorter. All you really want to do is spend time at home. You rarely want to go out and you find better/fun things to do being at home usually with your friends and family! I also like Autumn fashion, out of every season. I like the fact you can start layering and wearing boots, I love boots! Every outfit always seem more put together in the Autumn.
Hottest Fall Trend?
I really like the whole Fluffy Jumper trend that I’ve seen knocking around. I haven’t bought one myself as I’m scared I’ll look like a massive oompa loompa but if I had my pre pregnancy body I would have already bought one in every colour. The fluffiness looks super cosy and warm and something I’d wear with a pair of jeans and ankle boots. Perfect Autumn look.
So there you have it, my I Heart Fall Tag, I hope you enjoyed it! I tag everyone on this one!

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