My Nursery Inspiration

Here’s a quick peek at my nursery inspiration! 
At the moment I live in a flat and will do for a year after the baby is born, so I won’t be able to decorate my own nursery unfortunately. However when we have our house I would like to incorporate these various designs into my little munchkins nursery. 

I love the wall colour in the above picture, and the cute decorative wall stencil of a tree.  
Again, the wall art in this picture is so cute, I think I have a thing for trees! I also really like the cot design with the orange bumper.
The cot canopy is so beautiful, and if I have a little girl I will most definitely incorporate this into my nursery design. I also like the shelving in this picture.
This may be my favourite design out of all of them, I think it’s because it’s a boat theme, I’m always drawn to sailor themes especially for little ones. That’s probably the reason why I love Petit Bateau so much. The rocking chair, changing table and sailing boat is so adorable.
I think the reason why I chose the above photo was because of the wall colour. The soft green paint is a perfect colour if you don’t know the sex of the baby like me! I also like the dark accents on the lamp stand and curtain rail it really offsets nicely against the paint. 
As I said before, I won’t be able to decorate a nursery before my baby is born, but it’s really nice to look at other people’s nurseries and what they’ve done. The imagination that have gone into some of them is amazing! I love Pinterest exactly for this reason and I spend hours searching for cute designs.
If you could choose a colour for your babies nursery what would it be?

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