My Second Trimester Survival Kit

I’ve been really enjoying my second trimester as it has been completely different to the first. I feel like I can really embrace my pregnancy now that the terrible sickness has gone! I feel a lot more like myself but whilst growing a little human 🙂 Along the way there has definitely been some necessities that I advise every pregnant woman in their second trimester to have, just to make your life that little bit easier.

Beautysets - My Second Trimester Survival Kit

1. I’ve talked about this in my November Favourites but I absolutely love the Burt’s Bees Mama Bee range. I bought both of these products from boots and it came to around £24ish. Not bad really for the quality of the products. I use the oil after I’ve had my shower to really lock in all the moisture and then I use the butter for top ups throughout the day. To be honest using the oil and the moisturiser is probably too excessive so you’d only need one or the other.

2. After watching Hannah Maggs YouTube video on her second trimester essentials I saw her husband had bought her one of these Baroo Beige Stars Pillow. I thought I would give it a try as you can use it after pregnancy as a support for the baby. I thought that was a brilliant idea, and fell in love with the star print design! So far I’ve used this pillow almost every night and even use it to prop myself up on the sofa during the day.

3. I am so forgetful at the moment, I don’t know whether it has anything to do with this whole pregnancy brain stuff, but I cannot seem to remember a god damn thing! I carry my Orla Kiely Notepad in my handbag everywhere I go, just in case I need to jot down a few notes. My memory better come back after pregnancy!

4. So far during my pregnancy I have noticed I cannot get enough of water, I am constantly dehydrated. I have to carry water with me at all times. Freddie thought it would be a great idea to buy one of those Brita Fill & Go. This has been the star purchase out of the lot! I love my water ice cold so I pop this in the fridge the night before and I have cold water and filtered through out the day.

5. I had to buy this Wedge Pillow after I had read so many raving reviews about it. As my belly is growing bigger, it’s been a godsend to wedge this underneath my bump when I’m sleeping to help ease my back pain. I couldn’t live without it and has to be the best £10 spent!

6. One of my cravings has been hot chocolates, a day cannot pass without me having the urge to grab one of these bad boys from Starbucks. I also love their orange hot chocolates their doing for Christmas and always get the cream on top. It’s totally worth it. Yummy!

7. I’ve only really started using my Belly Support recently, as some people say their mainly needed for your third trimester. I tried it on just to see what it was like and I haven’t looked back since! As soon as you put the band on it really lifts your bump up and helps ease off the extra weight from your back. The company advises not to use the belly support everyday but you can use it if you know you’ll be having a day where you’ll be on your feet a lot. I would totally recommend anyone in the second trimester to get one of these as it really helps with a bad back.

What was your second trimester essentials and how did it help your pregnancy? I would love to know!



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