The Weekend #1

Aren’t Sunday’s the best part of any week? Lazing around, no work , lots of food and plenty of fun and all of this with your friends and family. What more could you ask for?

My day started around 7am, yes 7am! I’m such an early bird, making the most of my day is what is key on a weekend, especially Sundays.

Breakfast included soft cheese on a bagel and a cup of hot chocolate (blame the preggo cravings). I showered and dressed and was ready to hit the road Jack!

We ended up at the in laws. How stunning is this tree in the garden? The colour is amazing.

We all decided we should get up off the sofa and head to Richmond Park for a walk and to see if we could find any deer lurking in the autumn leaves.

We found, what looked like a stag as soon as we entered the park.

We stopped as Freddie insisted on taking a photo of what looked like a horrible swamp.

We continued..

Catching our breaths we made it through to Richmond gate, and decided it was time and well deserved to stop for drink. Not before gawping at the stunning scenery of Richmond Hill.

The Roebuck, an absolute classic and one of my fave Autumn/Winter haunts was on the cards for a quick drink! I had a coke 🙁 While the others had a more satisfying beverage.

Finishing up, we headed off into Richmond and straight for something to eat. Wagamamas!
Unfortunately by this time my battery had died and all that was on my mind was chilli squid! We filled our stomachs and sleepily headed back home, for some tea and cake.
A perfect end to an amazing weekend!
What do you like to do on Sunday’s? 


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  1. 18/11/13 / 6:18 pm

    My Sunday consisted of my onsie, candles lit, hot choc and Disney films 🙂 I'm a lazy bum on Sundays lol x

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