21 Week Pregnancy Update

How far
 21 weeks (I’m 22 weeks

was in desperate need of maternity clothes to the point where I was wearing the
same jumper almost everyday! I have ordered a whole bunch of items from ASOS
Maternity and will probably post them in a mini Maternity Haul on my blog.
 None that I can see.
Sleep: Sleep has been amazing, as soon as I’m asleep I won’t wake up until the next day (unless the bubs decides on having a kicking fit. I think I’m at the point in my pregnancy where my bump isn’t too big enough to make me uncomfortable. 
Best moment
this week:
 Best moment this week
has to be getting away for a long weekend to the Cotswold’s. I have never felt
so relaxed and it was a great way to enjoy just being a couple before we’re a little family in 4 months time.
 I really miss not feeling the need to eat all the
time. It’s honestly so bad! I wake up starving, go to bed starving. I have
dinner and want another dinner! It’s like the food I’m eating is doing nothing
for me. I hear this should ease as my pregnancy progresses as there won’t be
enough room to fit the baby and all this food.
Movement: OMG it was so scary! I woke up on Monday
morning with kicks that were actually quite painful. I don’t know whether the
baby was trying to get comfortable or maybe did a full turn or
something, but it left my bump looking lopsided! Freddie woke up with me shining my iPhone torch on my stomach. It really freaked him out too. What’s also really weird is that when I can feel the movement I grab Freddie so he can feel it too but as soon as his hand touches my belly the baby stops! I’ve told Freddie it’s because the baby does’t like him hehe. 
 Where do
I start?! Just everything and anything I’ll eat! Whilst we were away in the Cotswold’s
we went to a Christmas market, I must have eaten something at every stall. I
was in my element!
making you queasy or sick:
although I did have a bout of nausea on Thursday during the day that then
subsided in the evening. I haven’t felt sick since.
Gender: I think it’s a girl!
Labour signs: None.
Symptoms: My symptoms have eased up a little bit this
week. Still a bad back but this is mainly in the evening after a long day. Still
needing to pee every half an hour. My round ligament pain has also eased so I
am happy about that, as the cramping sort of pain was really starting to freak
me out.
Belly button
in or out?
 In, but it’s really
stretched out and will pop any day now, I can’t wait to have an outy. 
Wedding rings
on or off?
 I won’t be able to
wear my rings until the baby is born now. I really do miss them L
Happy or
moody most of the time:
happy especially this week as we went away on our mini holiday.
forward to:
all things Christmassy! We’re planning on taking a trip into London to look at
Christmas lights and a possible trip to Winter Wonderland! Oh and also for Freddie to feel the baby move, I’m sure this will happen soon. 
How forward does my bump look in this photo? x



    • 03/12/13 / 9:08 pm

      I'll miss doing these bump updates when the baby is here! x

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