22 Week Pregnancy Update

How far
 22 weeks (I’m 23 weeks

 A few bits this week
from ASOS. I ordered some thick black leggings, a pair of tights, a stripy
jumper dress (wearing above), and a dress to wear on Christmas day. Oh and I also bought a
jumper from H&M to wear for my Christmas work party. I was also given a
coat from my sister because it’s too big for her, it covers the bump perfectly.
 Nope! 6 months in I’m
shocked but let’s watch this space. I have been applying Bert’s Bees oil onto my
belly so that may have helped.

Sleep: So I think I spoke too soon when I said sleep
was going well. I don’t really know what has happened this week, but I’ve been
feeling so uncomfortable in bed. I have to change sides every so often and just
turning itself really hurts. I’ve read that you are not supposed to sleep on
your back and I’m really finding this difficult.
Best moment
this week:
 Has to be finishing work! I
just cannot wait to relax and really enjoy being pregnant now without the worry
of having to go into work and having that stress in my life. I can potter
around and get the flat ready and organise my life really!

 I miss
my pre pregnancy body, looking at pictures on my Facebook of my pre preggo body and all the cute
clothes I could wear really makes me sad. Maternity clothes are very limiting
and I just want to shop as I’m in love with this seasons trends and fashion,
especially in Zara.
Movement: Everytime I sit down and
relax the baby kicks, moves turns and just decides it’s time to play up for
mummy! I just hope this won’t stay the same when the bubs is born! I’ve also
noticed that we’re getting into a more of routine with the movement. At around
7am I will feel prods and kicks in my right side, as if to tell me to it’s time to get out of bed!

Food cravings: Still enjoying my beloved chocolate and I am also partial to
salt and vinegar squares. Yummy!
making you queasy or sick:
 Nothing in particular is
making me queasy, but on Sunday evening I started to feel really unwell and
sick for no reason at all. Which then meant I spent most of Monday relaxing at
home trying to regain some energy.

Gender: It’s a surprise, but I think it’s a girl.
Labour signs: No.
Symptoms: Lack of energy, a bit of
round ligament pain and also just feeling like I have a cold on the way. On
Saturday when I woke up I almost felt hungover, I don’t know whether that was
due to lack of sleep or what but I felt dreadful. Also I’ve been suffering from
really had heartburn during/after I eat which is kind of putting my off eating.

Belly button
in or out?
 Surprisingly still in,
I don’t know what’s happening there. It’s so stretched out!
Wedding rings
on or off?
 No rings, I feel naked
without them!
Happy or
moody most of the time:
bag this week, sometimes I feel down for no reason at all, then other times I’m
happy as Larry!
forward to:
still hasn’t felt the baby move yet, so I can’t wait for that. We’ve also
planned a trip into London on Friday to look at the Christmas lights, visit
Winter Wonderland and also a trip into Harrods and Selfridges, I cannot wait!


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