27 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along
27 weeks – 83 days until my due date!

Maternity clothes
Nothing new, still going to hold out until the baby is born. I am starting to put together list of items I need to buy for post pregnancy. So far I have;
Dressing gown
Night shirt (button down, easy for breastfeeding)
4x nursing bras
I have a massive list of items I need to get for my hospital bag, which I need to start asap as I am only 10 weeks away from being full term.
Stretch marks
No new ones, still using oils and creams in hope I won’t get anymore. I’ve also been drinking more water, trying to keep my skin extra hydrated. 
Sleep was so bad until Saturday, when I FINALLY purchased a pregnancy pillow. This pillow is an absolute life saver. I am now sleeping comfortably throughout the night with little discomfort. My sleeping position of choice is on my left side with the pillow in-between my knees.
Best moment this week
I’ve finally started drinking coffee again. I was so paranoid in the first 6 months of pregnancy and kept to all the rules. Now I’m in my third trimester I’ve heard one cup a day is fine. So on Sunday morning I made Freddie and I cappuccino’s. I then went onto cleaning the entire flat I was so buzzed! Isn’t caffeine great!
Miss anything
I re arranged my wardrobe this week and just seeing all of my pretty clothes again really made me miss all the cute outfits I could be wearing. I know I only have 2.5 months left but I could really do with wearing different clothes, I’m bored of my maternity clothes now.

I feel like I have an actual baby inside of me now, the movements are so strong and powerful. When he/she does a flip or a roll it feels as though you’re driving really fast over a bridge if that makes sense. I’m really going to miss the feeling of movement once my baby is here.

Food cravings

Lots and lots of fruit, anything juicy. Still enjoying sparkling water.
Anything making you queasy or sick
Same as last week, my heartburn and acid reflux doesn’t seem to be easing up.
Labour signs
Just the usual braxton hicks. 
My skin is looking so much better than last week and has really improved and has finally started to glow again. My back ache has also eased up which is nice, but my knees are starting to feel the strain of the extra weight it has to support. I’ve also noticed a bit of colostrum leakage (Nice!)
Belly button in or out
In, but it’s starting to look like it’s ready to pop out again. I think this is due to the babies position changing.
Wedding rings on or off
Happy or moody most of the time
A really happy week. We are finally starting to organise for the babies arrival. We have our new chest of drawers up and now starting to fill the drawers with all of our lovely bits for the baby. 
Looking forward to
We start our NCT signature antenatal course tomorrow. I’m feeling quite nervous about it as I have no clue what to expect. Freddie is eager to get the course underway because at the moment he feels like he doesn’t know the first thing about having a baby! Hopefully we’ll be pros by the end of the course. I’ll report back on our first session next week.

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