Baby Haul #2

It’s crazy to think how much babies need, before I fell pregnant I was so naive and had no clue at all, it’s funny how much you learn over the course of 9 months! I thought it would be a great idea to share with you all what I’ve purchased so far having only 10 weeks left to go. Scary!

Bloom Baby, Coco Go Bouncer my sister very kindly purchased this bouncer for us and we are so thrilled with it. When I found out I was pregnant I researched into different baby companies and fell instantly in love with this brand. It’s owned by four dads who stylishly put together the most gorgeous pieces that include cots, bouncers and highchairs. We’ve gone for this bouncer as we adore the colour and it fits perfectly into our apartment.

Dr Browns, Natural Flow Starter Kit. As you may already know from reading my last haul post, we’ve already purchased the Tommee Tippe stater kit. However I was advised by many of the lovely mummies on Twitter who already have their little ones that Dr Brown is amazing for helping relieve Colic. So I went out and purchased this starter pack. From the reviews I’ve read and been told these bottles sound like an absolute godsend.

Medela, Swing Electric Breast Pump I plan on solely breastfeeding, so that required an expressing device. I’ve heard amazing things about Medela from youtubers and my midwife who when I asked said I should go for Medela . I went for electric over manual because there would be noway I would have the energy to sit there and pump, I’ll let the pump do all the work, thank you! The Medela pump is on the expensive side but I think you pay for what you get, so I don’t mind. I also picked up some extra breast milk storage pots too.

I’ve heard you can never have too many wipes and I’ve started to purchase wipes as and when there’s an offer. Because I don’t know what my baby will like I’ve started to put together an assortment of different brands. My favourite is the Waterwipes brand because it’s mainly all water and I’m sure my baby won’t have a reaction to these.

Avent, Milk Powder Dispenser I do plan on solely breastfeeding, however there may come a time where I can only provide powdered milk especially if I am out and about with baby meeting friends etc. So I picked up this powdered milk dispenser as I am all about organisation. It carries three pre-measured portions of formula in separate compartments (260ml feeds) When you are ready to feed you simply pour the formula into the bottle and add the required water. You can also remove the separators and use the bowl for baby food at 6 months old.

As we are on the subject of being out and about with baby, we’ve also purchased this Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer You can use this to warm up expressed milk or formula. You fill the flask with cooled boiled water and when you need to feed pour the water into the frosted container and warm your bottle. I recently saw my friend use this with her 6 month old daughter when we were having brunch and thought wow I need one of those.

I cannot tell you how many white plain baby grows and sleep suits we have. I’ve been told you can never have too many, so we’ve stocked up mainly on size 0-3 months. We still need to get baby’s going home outfit and a few baby grows/sleepsuits in newborn size too. As we don’t know the gender it’s really difficult to buy clothes so we’re sticking to a lot of whites, creams and greys.

I don’t know whether my baby will take to dummies or if I will even give my baby a dummy but I thought for the hospital bag I might as well take a couple just in case. I’ve gone with Avent, Soothers for 0-6 months. We will see how we get on with these, I’ve heard MAM and Nuk are also good brands so if the baby doesn’t like these I will try one of these brands instead.

And finally I purchased this wicker basket on sale for £10 from Zara Home. It’s perfect for storing all of my baby changing needs. So far I have some nappies, sudocrem and water wipes in the basket. I’m sure this will come in handy when needing to change the baby efficiently.

I hope you all liked my baby haul, we have our big items like the pram, car seat and cot on order so once we have that all set up I will post about it. Please do comment below and let me know what else we need for little one’s arrival as we don’t have long left!

Here’s the link to my previous baby haul post Baby Haul #1



  1. 31/01/14 / 12:31 pm

    How exciting!! I would definitely stock up on just a pack or two of first size/newborn sleepsuits, Archie was 7pounds 02 and he is just in his 0-3 sleepsuits now at 13 weeks old. We didn't realise how tiny he would be and had to order some quickly! xxx

    • 31/01/14 / 8:01 pm

      We're going to grab a few first size/newborn tomorrow from Marks & Spencer's although I'm sure I feel like I'm having a massive baby! x

  2. 31/01/14 / 4:38 pm

    Im using a wicker basket too (mine is from Kiddicare ) for all things changing and bathing related. They are so handy

    • 31/01/14 / 8:02 pm

      So handy! I need to buy one for the bathroom now 🙂

  3. 31/01/14 / 8:18 pm

    I love the wicker basket-my mum got me one filled full of goodies after I gave birth and we went on to use it downstairs for nappies and wipes. It's now used for his books as he kept on pulling all his nappies and wipes all over the floor! You can never have too many sleepsuits either, I wish I hadn't bothered with any outfits for the first 3 months or so now, so much faff and they just want to be comfy! Second the comments on sizing too. Henry was 6lbs 12oz and didn't fit in 0-3 till well past 3 months. He's 12 months now and is mainly in 6-9 month clothing so don't make the mistake I did and buy in advance-I've got a heap of stuff all for the summer and he doesn't even fit in it now!

    • 31/01/14 / 8:22 pm

      That's really good to know! Because we don't know the gender we are very limited to what clothes we can buy so we're just sticking to white baby grows and sleep suits at the minute. I'm going to head out tomorrow to buy a few other sizes. I need a couple more wicker baskets, I think there great for organising nappies etc 🙂 xx

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