31 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along
31 Weeks

Maternity clothes
I was on the hunt this week for an outfit for my baby shower. I really was after a cute dress but couldn’t find anything I liked. So I settled on this cute maternity top from H&M and wore a pair of thick black leggings from ASOS and boots. 

Stretch marks
Only the ones on my hips and there’s a few on my thighs now.
Sleeping is so so, I’m up every 3 hours needing to pee so that disturbs me a lot. My bump is incredibly heavy so I really have to coax myself to get up out of bed to head to the bathroom. I’m also finding the baby moves a lot at night, so it’s difficult to drift off to sleep, especially when the baby is kicking and punching Freddie in the middle of the night too.
Best moment this week
My baby shower! I honestly couldn’t of asked for a better day. There was lots of cake, sweets, food, drink and all my favourite people in one space! I was also treated to so many gifts, which I couldn’t believe. So thank you to everyone who came and made it such a special day.
Here’s a few gifts I got on the day.

My sister very kindly got his activity mat, which I know baby de Metz is going to thoroughly enjoy. I did my research on this and new Skip Hop was the company to go for when choosing a mat and I’m glad my sister bought this particular one for me. You can use the mat for tummy time, without the arches for when baby is a lot bigger, for the baby to relax on his/her back and also as wall art.
As you can tell we are already using the Groegg we received from my lovely work friends! It can be used as a thermometer and nightlight, it changes colour to suit the temperature in the room.

Another really cool gift is this baby holder for the bath, you can use this from 0-6 months. I really wanted something like this instead of the traditional baby baths, as I’ve heard trying to hold a baby in a baby bath is quite difficult and can cause really bad back pains, which I want to try and avoid.

Another fab gift from my lovely work friends was this Bumbo seat and cover. As soon as the baby can hold its head it will be in this, isn’t it just the cutest seat?! I also love the elephant cover, I kind of have an obsession for elephants, giraffes and whales at the moment.
And finally this gorgeous elephant from my favourite shop, The Little White Company. Indy the elephant is super soft and has crinkly ears, which I’m sure our baby will really enjoy. 
Miss anything
I miss alcohol! I think this was highlighted more at my baby shower when all I wanted was a glass of champagne, but couldn’t have one. As soon as this baby is here, I will be pouring myself a large glass!
Lots of movement still which I’m surprised about, surely there isn’t a lot of room in there?The baby tends to move a lot after I’ve eaten and also after a long day and once I’ve settled down on the sofa. He or she also likes to move from left to right and is rarely positioned in the middle of my belly. I get large lumps of baby on one side and the rest of my belly is squidgy and flat, it’s the weirdest feeling and looks strange. I really do love the movements and will most definitely miss it when the baby is here.
Food cravings
No cravings, if anything I forget to eat. My mad hunger pains have gone and I can rarely fit an entire meal in my belly! 
Anything making you queasy or sick
Not really, heartburn and acid reflux have finally eased off.
Labour signs
Lots of braxton hicks, lightening crotch and period pain like cramps.
The usual SPD/Pelvic girdle pain. My skin is amazing at the moment and my hair is super thick and shiny and also growing at a ridiculous pace. I’m also suffering from really bad back pain, my mum, sister and I are going to have a spa day soon so hopefully once I’ve had my prenatal massage It should relieve the pain a little.
I’m also nesting a lot! I can’t stop organising and cleaning. Here’s a look at some of the baby clothes I’ve been organising.
Lots of baby grows and sleep suits.

My wicker basket is now full of items of nappy changing.

My Aden and Anais swaddles rolled up and few bibs, there is also space here for the muslin squares which I’ve ordered.

We don’t really have many clothes for the baby as we don’t know the gender, so we’ll stock up a lot more once the baby is here.

Belly button in or out
In but really flat and stretched out.
Looking forward to
The final stretch of my pregnancy, I’ve decided I’m going to try and not complain and just enjoy the final weeks I have left because I know once the baby is here I’ll miss being pregnant. We also only have three remaining antenatal classes so I’m looking forward to those and also for lunch with the other mummies to be from my class.

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