A Mini Lush Haul

Since becoming pregnant I’ve really enjoyed relaxing warm baths to distress and unwind after a long day, the only thing missing is a glass of wine! I’ve been diagnosed with pelvic girdle pain and found long soaks in the bath helps with the stiffness in my joints. What makes baths even more pleasing and fun are Lush bath bombs, they explode with colour, confetti and the best scents so I thought it was fitting I pick up a few to keep me going in the last remaining 50 days of my pregnancy. Can you tell I’m counting down the days?!

First up, is ‘Think Pink’ (above). Lush states that this bomb is comforting and reassuring and I completely agree. Once you pop this bad boy into your bath it explodes turning your water pink along with confetti hearts and the lavender oil makes for the perfect scent to enable you to relax.

and then we have ‘Butterball’ I haven’t actually tried this one before but I thought it would be worth a try as it’s full of cocoa butter and that’s great for reducing stretch marks. Also the scent is vanilla, I love anything vanilla smelling. Lush says that this bath bomb is extremely moisturising and softens the skin. Perfect for my pregnancy skin.

This visually pleasuring bath bomb is called ‘Tisty Tosty’ and includes 7 rosebuds. Lush call this their enchanting love spell bath bomb and is a potion of rose absolute and precious orris roots. I tend to go for this bomb because I love the floating rosebuds in my bath water and also the rose scent is very romantic.

Finally, ‘Phoenix Rising’ is a cinnamon bomb with a blend of butters and oils, again perfect for my pregnancy skin. This bomb also contains cocoa butter to help with stretch marks and turns your bath water a lovely shade of pinkie/purple.

The variety of bath bombs in Lush is endless and the staff are always happy to help and run through what does what. These little treats are perfect for any mummy/mummy to be. Now just to choose which one I’ll go for tonight!



  1. 16/02/14 / 5:50 pm

    I love Lush bath bombs, and my little boy does too. They are so lovely for helping you to relax.


  2. 16/02/14 / 6:19 pm

    I could spend a fortune in Lush! I love everything they offer 🙂 x

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