Happy 30 Weeks!

How far along
Bumpy and I have hit our 30 week milestone which means we don’t have long to go! (31 Weeks today)

Maternity clothes
Nothing new this week, although I am going to be panic buying for something to wear at my baby shower which is this Saturday! Why do maternity clothes have to be so unflattering?
Stretch marks
Just on my hips at the moment.
This week has seen my sleeping improve, I don’t know whether that’s to do with extreme third trimester exhaustion but I’ve been feeling really rested when I wake up as appose to feeling groggy. I sometimes wake to find myself sleeping on my back, which I know is not recommended during pregnancy so I quickly change back to my left side position which does kill my shoulders and hips. I say quickly but changing positions involves me grabbing on to Freddie for leverage to move from side to side!
Best moment this week
There hasn’t been a particular moment, but I’ve been feeling really happy and content this week. I think it may have something to do with knowing there’s not long left until I meet my little baby and there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Miss anything
All the same as last week, also miss my old pre pregnancy body. I know this might not come back instantly once I’ve had the baby but I am going to give it a go and try!

Movement is CRAZY! It actually feels like I have a little human inside of me. The movements are quite slow most of the time but very defined. When Freddie and I are about to drift off to sleep, baby starts to hit and poke Freddie, which he hates! I think we are going to have a very active baby once he or she is here.
Food cravings
I’m not craving anything in particular but I’m still loving food! I have cut down on my portions because my usual portions really make me feel sick, must be because baby is growing and there isn’t a lot of room inside of me anymore. 
Anything making you queasy or sick
Heartburn, that’s one symptom I cannot wait to say goodbye to!
Labour signs
Period pain like cramps, especially in the evening. I’m also experiencing lighting crotch, I’m not going to explain what that is but google it if you want to find out lol! But I know it’s all healthy signs of my body preparing itself for labour.
The usual heartburn and acid reflux. I’m also experiencing quite dry skin so I now moisturise in the morning and evening as appose to just once a day. My back has really started to hurt not just after a long day but pretty much all the time. Still a bit of swelling on my ankles, feet and face. I’ve noticed my nose has doubled in size too. My SPD/Pelvic Girdle Pain is still excruciating, I’m starting to find my day to day activities a strain to do. 
Belly button in or out
In, but could pass for an outy when the baby moves.
Looking forward to
My baby shower this weekend, cannot wait to see all my loved ones in one room. 

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