33 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along
33 weeks

Stretch marks
Nothing new, however I think I am starting to notice a few tiny marks around my belly button area but I can’t really tell at the moment.
Sleep is terrible, I’m so glad I don’t have commitments at the moment because if I had to work I would literally fall asleep at my desk. On the plus side all the tossing and turning is a bit of a work out. I’ve also been suffering with insomnia, I get to sleep perfectly fine however I wake up at 2am and can’t get back to sleep until 5am! Thankfully Freddie’s a light sleeper and doesn’t wake up to me moaning and groaning.
Best moment this week
Has to be picking up our brand new car seat, I just can’t believe our little baby will be in this car seat in and around 6 weeks time!

I’m so happy with our choice of car seat and have read so many positive reviews, I also like the option of having the sun canopy attached to the car seat too.
Miss anything
Everything non pregnancy related really, I want and need a holiday but can’t book anything until the baby is here, as the weather is getting better here in the UK I really want to go clothes shopping for NON maternity clothes. I just want to feel like myself without having to stop every couple of minutes to catch my breath.
Lots and lots of hiccups, you’d think this baby was entering a hiccup competition or something! The baby gets hiccups about 3 times a night and a also during the day after I’ve eaten. The feeling of hiccups is really strange and because baby’s head down the hiccups feel like it’s happening in my bum! I don’t know if I’m hearing things but sometimes only rarely do I hear a clicking noise when the baby moves. Am I hearing things? The baby also loves it on the right side of bump and usually curls up and goes to sleep, my bump however looks completely lopsided when this happens. I will definitely miss this feeling once the baby is here and my bump has gone 🙁
Food cravings
I’m craving water! I can’t stop drinking, I feel dehydrated all the time. 
Anything making you queasy or sick
My heartburn and acid reflux has come back with avengence this week and boy do I feel sick when it happens. 
Surprise, although I think I’m having a boy now. Don’t ask me why I’ve changed my mind but I just have a feeling. 
Labour signs
Just the normal braxton hicks and a lot of pressure down below. I think that must be the baby descending. 
The usual aches and pains of the third trimester, if you follow me on twitter you’ll most likely read my moaning updates! I’ve really suffered this week from headaches, sore joints, swollen feet and lots of pressure in my pelvic region. 
Looking forward to
My birthday next Saturday. I can’t wait to enjoy my last birthday before I become a mummy. Oh and pancake day next tuesday, hmmm pancakes drizzled in maple syrup! 

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