My 3rd Trimester Survival Kit

Being 6 weeks away from my due date means I’m starting to feel pretty uncomfortable. I need that extra little help to relive my discomforts to make my life that much easier. So here’s my 3rd trimester survival kit to get you through those last remaining 3 months of pregnancy.
First up is this bump band by Nexcare it has really helped ease the strain of my ever expanding bump as I suffer from mild SPD. What’s great about this band is it will expand as your bump grows so you can use it from very early on if you need to. I would highly recommend one of these bands to get you through those tough days.
I honestly couldn’t highly recommend this product. Palmer’s coca butter therapy oil has really helped my skin become elastic and supple during pregnancy. Apart from the smell (which I hate) it really has worked wonders, especially as I have only 1 or 2 stretch marks. It also doesn’t break the bank too so I slather this on like it’s water!
Next up is a pregnancy massage, I haven’t actually been for one yet but I’m going to book one with Clarins very soon. This massage promises to ease backache, fluid retention, stress, tired legs and fatigue whilst improving skin tone and elasticity. I think as I move closer and closer to my due date the more I need help with those symptoms so I’m very much looking forward to one of these.
If you don’t want to splash the cash on a preggo massage (they can be quite expensive) I’ve been treating myself to daily warm soaks in the bath and I also treat myself to Lush bath bombs to spice up my bath a little. I can’t tell you how relaxing a long soak is with candles and some music. Pure bliss.
A pedicure goes without saying, I can’t remember the last time I could touch my toes let alone see them. I really enjoy the foot massage once my feet have been buffed and preened. I’m due another pedicure soon but I’m going to wait closer to my due date for my next one, as once the baby is here god knows when I’ll be able to get out for one!
I’m finding walking quite hard because of this horrible SPD, but I try and get out as much as I can. Walking apparently gives you more energy and helps you sleep better. It can also prepare you for a physically demanding labour. I’m putting on my trainers now as I type! 
Your husbands/boyfriends t shirts, I live in Freddie’s clothes at the moment. Even my maternity clothes are starting to become small as my bump expands so I need his wardrobe to get me through the days where the maternity clothes that do fit me are in the wash! I won’t be buying anymore clothes as I don’t have long to go now.
And finally lots and lots of water, I find if I don’t drink enough in a day my body aches and I get mild pains in my bump. So I make sure my fridge is fully stocked with bottled water and my Brita filter is full and ready to go. 
Is there anything you used in your 3rd trimester that helped you?

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