37 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along
37 weeks – FULL TERM!
Stretch marks
As I’m on the home stretch now, my skin is stretching too! I have a few new ones on my lower bump. There’s nothing much I can do apart from continue to moisturise twice a day.  
Maternity Clothes
Nothing new, my bump is so big now I’ve started wearing my maternity dresses as tops with leggings. I can’t stress to you how excited I am about getting back into my normal clothes, even if it’ll take me a few months to get back into them!
Sleep is dreadful! I have to now sleep up right as my snoring and heartburn is off the scale. I feel so sorry for Freddie who the other day had to sleep in the living room because my snoring was so loud. I keep telling him it’s all good practice for when the baby comes. 
Best moment this week
Turning 37 weeks! It means I’m now full term and my baby is cooked and ready to come any day. It’s so exciting thinking this could be my last day preggo and then being highly disappointed when he or she doesn’t come. It’s a bit of a rollacoaster of emotions at the moment. 

Miss anything
I really miss being able to turn from side to side in bed without feeling like my pelvic bone is about to break, it’s honestly so sore and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worse enemy. My bump is massive and I’m just counting down the days until I can move around without being in agony. 
Same as last week really, the movements are extremely slow. I love it when he or she sticks a foot out or its bum, so cute. 
Food cravings
This week has been insane, I have literally eaten my own body weight in food, especially chocolate. My bump has dropped significantly which means my stomach has a lot more room to expand and boy am I making it expand with all the food I’m eating! Let’s just say my appetite is back. 
Anything making you queasy or sick
I jinxed myself last week by saying my acid reflux and heartburn had gone, well it was back this week to the point where I have had to sleep upright most nights. 
Labour signs
Painful braxton hicks every day now. I’m trying to bring on labour by squatting and bouncing on my ball. Everyone is commenting on how low my bump is so hopefully this means baby is on its way.
Acid reflux
A very sore lower back
I have to pee every 15 minutes
I’m not going to bore you with all the other symptoms as there all your standard third trimester/9 month preggo ones. 
Looking forward to
My baby’s arrival and finding out the gender! I can’t believe we’re almost at the finishing line. There’s nothing much else to do but wait…


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  1. 26/03/14 / 10:38 am

    I remember having to sleep upright! I think I slept with about 5 pillows towards the end. MrLondonMum just couldn't understand how I'd be able to sleep like that!

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