38 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along
38 weeks – This week I had my routine 38 week doctors appointment.  The doctor tested my urine and checked blood pressure all was fine. She then went on to measure my bump which came in at a whopping 42cm. She quickly referred me to the hospital to get booked in for a scan. I made my way to the hospital and a midwife measured me again and from her measurements I was 43cm. I then waited around for a scan and was eventually seen, the baby is weighing in at 7 pounds 4 ounces but showed that there was quite a bit of extra amniotic fluid around the baby. I couldn’t really see the baby on the scan as I’m quite far gone now, which I was a bit sad about! I then had a chat with the doctor who took my blood to test for any infections and was then told there was nothing to worry about but if my waters were to go I would need to come straight into hospital and stay until the baby is born. The whole experience did freak me out, but I had reassurance from the scan and my doctor. I now have to see a consultant this Thursday just to make sure all is okay. I’m hoping they’ll induce me on my due date so I don’t go over. There’s noway I can get any bigger! 
Stretch marks
No new ones this week, however I have a slight rash on my bump which I think is caused by the condition PUPPP. It isn’t harmful to myself or the baby but it is causing discomfort and itching which I’m trying not to do, I am now moisturising three times a day which might sound excessive but it really helps soothe my skin.
Maternity Clothes
Nope no maternity clothes! I did venture out into town yesterday and picked up some cute pieces from the sales, a nautical jumper from the company Mint Velvet and a pair of joggers from Topshop (I instagramed this picture). I have to tell you it felt amazing looking at normal clothes.
Sleep is dreadful, my hips and shoulders are killing me from having to sleep on either my left or right side. Turning in bed also takes a good 5 minutes and I really have to work hard to turn or move in bed because of the weight of my bump. I also find that my heartburn and acid reflux is at its worst at night so I’m still sleeping upright most nights.

Best moment this week
Two of the couples from my NCT class who we’ve formed really good friendships with had their babies this week. One couple was 40 + 11 days pregnant and the other 38 + 6 days pregnant so it really makes it real now that Freddie and I are next and also the last ones to have our baby!

Miss anything
Everything non pregnancy related. According to my pregnancy app I’ve now been pregnant for 272 days and let me tell you I’m completely over it. I really want to start working out again, eating healthy and gaining some what of my life back. The weather has been amazing this week and having a BBQ on Sunday really made me want a glass of Pimms!
Movements hurt ALOT to the point it takes my breath away and sometimes I do yelp. I feel feet, hands, and elbows dragging across my bump which is a really weird sensation. I remember when the movements were punchy, quick and then the baby would disappear as it had tons of room to move around, now the baby is cramped so every movement is felt and quite painful. Come on baby de Metz there’s no room, so it’s time to come out of that warm comfy place!
Food cravings
Nothing in particular, I’ve now started to eat out of sheer boredom. This baby needs to come asap or I’ll be putting on more weight than I already have!
Anything making you queasy or sick
Only the usual symptoms I’ve been having throughout my pregnancy which is heartburn and acid reflux. This is one symptom that I can’t wait to see the back of.
Labour signs
I have been experiencing a lot of braxton hicks and period like pains. I also find when I’m walking I start to have contractions and as soon as I sit down they disappear. I hope this is all positive signs something is about to happen.
My symptoms are pretty much the same as last week, heartburn, acid reflux, braxton hicks, period pains, sore lower back, needing to pee all the time and exhaustion. I’m still waiting for this nesting instinct to kick in although I do have short bursts of energy where I do go absolutely crazy cleaning and organising. Maybe that is nesting?!
Looking forward to
Going into labour and experiencing real contractions, every morning I wake up and I’m so disappointed that I didn’t go into labour that night. So I can’t wait until it’s the real thing. Watch this space!


  1. 01/04/14 / 11:54 am

    Not long for you now hun! I do keep checking Twitter for your updates just to see how you're getting on :)sounds like your doctors are being great and are looking after you brilliantly. Fingers crossed the next update is baby rather than bump! 🙂

    Nicola xx

  2. 01/04/14 / 12:18 pm

    Awh! Not long to go but those last weeks drag ao badly. I was just like this, infact I could of written most of that myself. Especially at night I wpuld wish I would go into labour and wake up really sad and frustrated that I was still pregnant!! I had the worst heartburn that was my only really bad symptom but it really does go straight away once you've given birth ots so strange! Good luck with everything, its such a magical experience no matter how it happens!! Ooo im so excited for you!! Ellie xx


  3. 03/04/14 / 7:20 pm

    I've started buying normal clothes now too (a lot of them are breastfeeding suitable ones though!) – it's fab! Except not being able to try them on or wear them yet – that sucks. I made the mistake of trying to get into on etop that I bought when I got home and just depressed myself as it looked ridiculous! Getting close now – very exciting!!

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