39 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along
39 Weeks, I can’t quite believe I’m nearly at the finishing line. It’s been a long time coming but I’m so excited to meet my baby now. This week I had an appointment with my consultant at the hospital. We had a chat about my condition of having extra waters and he made it clear that my case is not severe at all and he would want me to go into labour naturally and wouldn’t be intervening by giving me an induction on or before my due date. I was kind of gutted about his decision but I’d rather go into labour naturally, just so I can experience what it’s like and also I’ve heard less intervention is required too. He did mention a sweep, so hopefully tomorrow when I turn 40 weeks i’ll have one at my midwife appointment. We’ll see! I think in any case it’ll be brilliant to know if I’m dilated or closed up like a clam!
Stretch marks
No new stretch marks but I still have the PUPPP rash on my bump in different areas, it’s incredibly itchy. I’m still using Burt’s Bee’s Mama Bee Cream to help soothe my skin and it seems to be working. 
Maternity Clothes
No new maternity clothes, I’m now raiding Freddie’s wardrobe for clothes especially his t shirts and joggers. I look a state! 

I might as well not sleep and get the practice in for when the baby arrives. I can barely turn from side to side now, it hurts my hips and pelvic area so I literally feel like a turtle on its back.
Best moment this week
As sad as this may sound but Freddie and I did a massive Spring clean yesterday and it felt so good knowing our baby will be coming hime to a super squeaky clean home. We’ve also decided that we should hire a cleaner to come every other week just to ease some of the pressure off us whilst we get used to having a newborn. She starts next Monday so that’s exciting. 
Miss anything
Same as last week, everything NON pregnancy related. I can’t wait for my first sip of alcohol, I think we’re going to pick up my favourite bottle of champagne to wet the baby’s head once he or she is here. 
Movement is slow and feels a lot more like dragging than kicking and punching. I also feel bubbles really low down in my pelvic area, which is kind of strange. There’s not a lot of room now so the movements do hurt a lot. I’ve also noticed hiccups have slowed down too.
Food cravings
No cravings, I’m consuming a lot of food though. I’m constantly hungry, I think that’s a lot to do with the baby being so low and my stomach has room to expand. 
Anything making you queasy or sick
Nothing in particular and my heartburn and acid reflux has slowed down a lot. 
Surprise! I can’t wait to find out, we’re nearly there now and I can’t believe I’ve been so patient. 
Labour signs
Lots of little niggles that include;
period pains low down on my bump
tightenings of my bump
also a lot of pressure, it feels like the baby’s head is about to fall out it’s so slow.
This week I’ve had a real urge to nest and get organised, even though I’ve been organised since Week 30! My SPD has really kicked in this week and I’ve found it so difficult to leave the house and walk anywhere. I have to stop every 10 minutes for a break, it’s horrible, I’m literally housebound until the baby arrives!
Looking forward to
Meeting my gorgeous little bundle of joy. I’m ready and waiting little one 🙂


  1. 07/04/14 / 3:53 pm

    I'm going to miss your preggo updates!

    • 08/04/14 / 4:34 pm

      I'm really going to miss writing them 🙁 It's all becoming so surreal now! I'll be posting lots of updates on the baby xx

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