Max’s One Month Update

I honestly can’t believe my little newborn baby is now one month old. It feels like I’ve always had him in my life and I can’t even remember what it was like not to have him around. A lot has happened in the space of these four weeks so here’s Max’s one month update.
Max is a very big baby, weighing in at a whopping 10lbs 8 ounces at birth! I have him weighed by the health visitors at the GP surgery every Tuesday and so far he currently weighs 12lbs 2 ounces. It’s fair to say my poor body especially back is hurting from carrying around such a massive chunk! Ouch! 
We don’t have much of a routine really I just follow Max’s lead on what he wants and when. He usually wakes up at around 7am and has a nappy change and feed almost immediately. He then has a punch and a kick on his play mat which he absolutely loves. I’ll be posting a review on his play mat very soon because it’s amazing! 

After playtime he’s tired so I rock or bounce him to sleep because he finds it difficult settling himself, I’m probably building a rod for my own back but at the moment I don’t care because he is so young. He will then wake up usually 2 hours later ready for his next feed. It goes on like this pretty much most of the day. I also religiously take him out for a walk at some point in the day because he sleeps better once he’s had some sort of fresh air. At around 10pm he naturally falls asleep and will have his longest period of sleep he’ll wake up anywhere between 3-5am. I love our routine so far and following Max’s lead works for us for now, I can’t wait for him to sleep longer than 4 hours, hopefully he’ll treat me soon because mummy is very tired.
Max is a big boy and needs a lot of milk. He currently gobbles down 6oz and loves every minute of it, although he does tend to slow down towards the end of the day where he’ll take between 4-5oz. I also give him a couple of ounces of cooled boiled water once a day in between a feed to help him poo because he can become quite constipated. Unfortunately breastfeeding didn’t go beyond the second week of Max’s life. He really wasn’t satisfied on my milk and just wanted more, so I made the decision to formula feed and haven’t looked back ever since, he’s content, happier and sleeps really well. I don’t regret my decision at all and I’m happy because my baby’s happy. 
I’m obsessed with dressing Max in cute outfits although he does mostly spend most of his day in baby grows because he’s happier and comfortable in them especially if we’re relaxing at home. I’m constantly on the look out for baby boy clothes. I’m so disappointed by the range of boy clothes and styles. It’s pretty much the same designs either blue and white stripe or just plain boring whereas the girls clothes are gorgeous in many different styles and colours. 
When I was pregnant with Max we didn’t know his gender nor did we know how big he was going to be, so I pretty much had a range of newborn and 0-3 month all in white of course. He didn’t even touch his newborn clothes because he was so big at birth and I can’t believe I’m writing this but he’s almost out of 0-3 at a month old. He’s a very long baby and I can tell he’s going to be very tall like his Daddy. I’ve started stocking up on 3-6 month clothes and currently have a very large basket saved on the Zara kids website, oops! 
Max is smiling, ALOT! 
He smiles when he wakes up from naps, when he’s feeding and when I’m up close and talking to him he even smiles to the toys on his play mat, cute! He’s also really interested in his surroundings including toys and the tv, tut tut! He used to cry when he was awake and that’s all he would do, he’s now started interacting with myself and his Daddy by cooing, laughing and a few unique sounds which we call Maxisms! He’s truly turning into one amazing human being! 
I’ll be posting my one month postpartum update this coming week. I’m also half way through writing up my birth story, you’ll need to bear with me on that one it’s a long one!
Until next time x


  1. 25/05/14 / 7:14 pm

    Ooh little Max is such a dream! I can't believe how quickly its gone! His routine sounds fa, I'm tempted to convert to formula as Jaspers getting really unsettled lately!

    You're right about boys clothes vein limited but I've found some fab stores on Instagram. I'm waiting till Jaspers a bit bigger though as they're quite pricey! Let me know if you want the links 🙂

    Looking forward to your labour story!

  2. 25/05/14 / 9:57 pm

    Can't wait for the play mat review. My first baby (boy!!) is due September so I'm starting to get a few things. I realise now I have seen Max enjoying his mat that I need one. A Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine is also on my list thanks to you. Please keep the suggestions coming, it is really appreciated. This is all new to me and I feel completely clueless! Tor xx

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