My Newborn Favourites

There’s a lot of baby products on the market and when I was pregnant I was a sucker for most things. A lot of money was wasted and to be honest I really wish I had saved my money and waited until my baby was born to see what I needed and didn’t need. I thought I would put together a collage of what I think is needed for your gorgeous little newborns.

(left to right)

First up is the Bloom Coco Go Rocker, I honestly couldn’t of asked for a better bouncer. It looks good, and is super comfortable for Max. He loves it and spends most of his nap times in his bouncer fast asleep during the day. It’s also easily portable and comes with a cover so you can take it out with you to the grandparents house etc.

Max is really needy at the moment, I think he’s going through his first developmental leap so he likes to be close to myself and his Daddy. Having a sling means I can have him close to me and I can get a few bits done around the house, I also strap him in and complete a few squats too! We decided on the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Active as the back support was an extremely important factor on our decision due to having such a big baby.

When we purchased our tommee tippee steriliser (which is also a must have item! Having your bottles sterile in under 3 minutes is a must!) it came in a set with tommee tippee bottles. We tried these bottles for a couple of weeks, but Max was really struggling with bringing up his wind. So I went out and purchased the Dr Brown Bottles and haven’t looked back since. Max is a lot happier after feeds and he farts and burps like a trooper.

I’ve written up a full post on my Storksak Bobby changing bag, now that it’s fully functional and in use I am so happy with the choice in changing bag. There’s tons of room for all of Max’s and my stuff and everything has it’s own slot and area, which means when there’s a critical poo explosion when we’re out and about I can quickly grab what I need. The bag also looks really cute hanging from my Bugaboo too.

As soon as Max was born we used the Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets and wrapped him up as if he was snug and still in the womb, he loved it and felt really secure. I use this swaddles now for spit up, swaddling and to cover the pram if Max is asleep. They do these swaddles in different patterns and although there on the pricey side I can’t highly recommend them enough.

Unfortunately for me breastfeeding didn’t work out, Max is a very big baby weighing in between 11lbs – 12lbs at 3 weeks old and is very hungry. I decided formula feeding would work out better for us so I invested in the Perfect Prep Machine to cut down on my bottle making time. I’m going to post a full review on this machine very soon but OMG it’s a life saver especially when I’m half asleep trying to complete the 3am night feed. In under 2 minutes Max and I are sat on the sofa with a bottle heated and ready to drink at room temperature. He’s happy and so am i!

Max doesn’t really take to the dummy all the time but he does enjoy it when he’s feeling restless and needs extra help settling. We tried the tommee tippee and avent ones but for some reason he hated them and would always spit them out. I then bought the MAM dummies and for some reason he loves them, they stick to his face more and rarely fall out of his mouth. I also like this brand because they have an orthodontic range too.

I currently live in a flat so we don’t have the space for a full on changing station, so I’ve packed all of his nappy changing things into a wicker basket which we can move from room to room easily. His wicker basket contains Waterwipes (which are a godsend, who wants to use cooled boiled water and cotton wool at 3am!?) Nappy cream and our choice in nappies, Pampers. We also keep a packet of cotton wool in the basket to cover his pecker during nappy changes as Max has a habit of peeing on himself and me!

We’ve started bathing Max every evening before bedtime and he absolutely loves it. We were kindly gifted the Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support and are so happy with this product. From day 1 we’ve been using this and Max loves it, he feels secure and he’s free to splash his little legs around in the bath, it also means both of my hands are free and saves my back too.

Lots and lots and lots of baby grows and vests. When I was preggo with Max I was so silly and thought I would buy cute little outfits (in neutral colours of course, because we didn’t know the gender) but to be honest the only outfits I want to put Max in is vests and baby grows. It’s just easier and he seems happier in them too. I would stock up on lots of them in different sizes, because we’ve had to throw out/put away quite a few due to poo explosions and Max growing out of them. In my opinion Jojo Maman Bebe do the best baby grows in really cute designs.

I would love to know what your newborn favourites were/are, I’m always on the look out to make my life easier especially with the lack of sleep!



  1. 11/05/14 / 6:00 pm

    Great post. I've already got a few items on your must haves for my boy who's due in 9 weeks. Was wondering where did you get your wicker storage boxes from? X

    • 14/05/14 / 9:20 am

      Thank you! The wicker baskets are from zara home but I've seen a load in tk maxx too! xx

  2. 11/05/14 / 8:00 pm

    Buying so many random outfits is such a waste because they do live in vests and baby grows for ages! Having a good bouncer was a must have for me too, baby london spent all his nap times in it. Xx

  3. 11/05/14 / 9:12 pm

    This is getting saved into my favourites – so helpful to see what is actually needed/not needed for newborns! I'm due in 6 weeks and trying to hold off buying too much until Baby J arrives 🙂

    Where did you get those cute little dividers in your bottom right pic? I've been on the lookout for something like these!!

    Nicola xx

  4. 11/05/14 / 9:26 pm

    Can I ask ou a dim technical question? When you sterilise stuff and it's then wet, what do you do with it if pure not using it immediately? Does it stay sterilised if it's wet an in the machine? Or do you dry it? Getting myself all confused…! This is really useful – being a couple if weeks behind you I'm just starting to discover some of this!! x

    • 14/05/14 / 9:22 am

      The bottles will stay sterile for 24 hours in the steriliser. There's no need to dry the bottles as the water is sterile water xxx

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