Max’s 2 Month Update

It’ll probably get so old me saying this but where have these two months gone? I feel like it was only yesterday I was in hospital with my new bundle of joy waiting to go home. A lot has happened since my last update so here we go..
I have Max weighed every other week on a Tuesday by the health visitor. He weighed 14lbs 4 ounces at 7 weeks, 5 days. He’s now moved onto size 3 nappies and no longer fits into his 0-3 month clothing! 
Routine has definitely played a big part this month as I’ve been trying to get Max into a steady routine so he knows exactly what to expect from his day. This works well for him because he doesn’t get overly stimulated and feels rested throughout the day. He’s also going in the night for longer and usually goes down to bed after his bath and bottle at around 8pm he then wakes at 4ish ready for a well needed nappy change and 6oz of milk. I then try and get him back to bed usually by rocking and bouncing him which I will try my hardest to ease off in his third month. He’ll then sleep until 7-7.30am. I can’t tell you how rested I feel when he sleeps like this, I feel less like a zombie! During the day it’s very much bottle, play and nap, bottle, play and nap. This works extremely well for Max because it means he’ll go down for bed a lot better as he’s rested and not too over tired. He’ll be moving into his big boy cot soon. It’s on order and should be with us in the next couple of weeks. There will be a blog post on my choice of cot.
Eating is very hit and miss at the moment. Max is so interested in his surroundings he finds it hard to concentrate on drinking his milk as he’s too busy looking out the window or watching his hands move from side to side. I’ve hard to move him to a quiet area of our house so he can concentrate on his milk. In terms of quantity some feeds he’ll take a full 6oz and others he’ll only have 4 or 5oz’s. He has what he wants when he wants really and I’m happy with offering him milk when he wants it. As long as he is happy that’s all that matters. I’ll just have to keep sterilising bottles throughout the day!
Who knew dressing babies could be so much fun! In my last update I said that Max is mainly in baby grows during the day. This has completely changed and we’ve now incorporated getting dressed into day clothes as part of our morning routine. I think this helps Max differentiate the difference between day and night and also when he’s in his baby grow in the evening he instantly relaxes and feels ready for bed. I mostly put Max in leggings, t shirts and cute socks then on hot summer days he’s in rompers or shorts with a t shirt. I instagramed a few days ago that I was organising his chest of drawers and couldn’t get over how many clothes he has! I think I need to chill out with the baby boy shopping!
Here’s a list of how Max has developed this month.
He’s still very much smiling!
He also laughs and chuckles now which melts my heart.
He can now see his hands and spends ages looking at them in action, it absolutely amazes him. Very cute to watch.
He’ll also hold a conversation with you in baby language of course
He’s holding his head up now and has lost that newborn floppiness. I can carry him on my hip like a proper little baby.
So many changes in just four weeks, it’s true what they say that you need to cherish every single day because they grow so quickly! Everyday is a new and exciting day and I have to say being a mummy is amazing as I get to see my baby grow how lucky are we! 
Until next time guys x

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