Max’s 3 Month Update

Max is officially out of that newborn baby stage and is now a thriving 3 month old baby. He’s passed the so called ‘fourth trimester’ and is now his own little person. Here’s how he’s been getting on this past month.

I’ve been incredibly naughty and not had Max weighed in a few weeks. However if I was to hazard a guess I would say he’s around the 18-20lbs mark as he’s almost out of his size 3 new baby nappies can you believe! He’s currently going through his 12 week growth spurt and let me tell you it’s almost as though he’s doubled in size! It’s funny because I wake up each morning and look and him and it’s as though he’s grown over night. I’m also finding it difficult to carry him in his baby bjorn sling for long periods of time as it does my back in, so I leave that up to Daddy now.
Where do I start?! This is a biggie this month. We recently had Max’s shiny new Bloom cot delivered and wow what a difference it’s made to not only Max’s life but mine and his Daddy’s too. It’s like we have a whole different baby. Our day goes some what like this. During the day he’ll feed anywhere from 2-3 hours and in between each feed I like to put him down for a nap just to make sure he’s fully rested so come evening time he’s not over tired and difficult to put down for the night. We’ve started putting him in his cot for naps verses sleeping on us of in his car seat, it was the only way he’d sleep. All of sudden since having a cot with a squishy new mattress he’s loving taking his naps in there! He’ll have his bath anywhere between 5.30-6pm but before that he’s had a full 6oz bottle. He’ll then after his bath take another 6oz bottle (fatty bum) we then put him down for the night. I think because his belly is full he’s nice and clean it almost relaxes him enough that he’ll drift off into his own slumber. He’ll then wake up between 3-4am for his feed and he’ll take 7oz and back to bed straight away to then wake at 7am. I’m hoping he’ll drop his 4am feed soon but to be honest he seems like he really needs it at the moment. We’ll see in his next monthly update!
I don’t know whether it has to do with his 12 week growth spurt but woweee Max has been draining bottles like it’s going out of fashion! He’ll have 6 bottles sometimes even more, with 6-7oz of milk in each one. I’ve been doing some research into early weaning because he’s a big boy anyway weighing in at 10lbs 8oz at birth, he just doesn’t seem satisfied on milk alone. Please let me know what you’re thoughts are on this in the comments section below because I know a lot of parents like to/ think it’s best to wait until 6 months but I just don’t think he’ll last that long on milk alone. I might try him on baby rice and see how he gets on. He had a lick of a banana a couple of days ago and LOVED it!
This is getting ridiculous now! I really do need to stop shopping for Max, his wardrobe is bigger than mine! I just can’t help but have a sneaky look on the Zara website for new bits and pieces because they have the cutest baby boy clothes! I have a massive basket of clothes just waiting to be purchased. He’s still mainly in leggings, t shirts, dungarees, shorts etc but as he’s getting bigger the clothes look even better on him, he looks like a proper little boy. He’s now moving onto size 6-9 month clothing so more shopping for me haha.
Here’s a list of how Max has developed this month.
He’s smiling and giggling a lot at the moment which is just adorable.  
He’s made friends with our Newgate clock we have on our kitchen wall. He talks to it and chuckles it’s hilarious! 
He’s become a lot more fluid with his hand movements and I’ll almost always catch him just staring at them in amazement. He’s also just recently started trying to touch his feet and on his play mat he’ll use his feet a lot more to reach his toys.
Now he can hold his head up he loves to sit up and look around, which meant it was the perfect time to move him face forward in his sling so he could look around. He loves it.
He’s started screaming at the top of his lungs when he’s playing or when he’s upset. At first I thought something was wrong but it just seems like he’s found his voice. It’s quite embarrassing when we’re out though because people do stare. Oh well..
He also seems a lot more interested in his toys and quickly gets bored so a lot more entertaining to keep him occupied is required, which I’m so pleased about because it’s so much fun. I’ve started reading to him before bath time and he loves listening to my voice and looking at the bright colourful pictures in the books.
Another thing I’ve noticed is he’s becoming a lot more selective with who he wants to be held by and he also gets scared a lot more easily which breaks by heart when I see his sad face. I have to comfort him to let him know all is okay.
Max changes so much every day and it’s absolutely magical to see him becoming his own little person with a personality and everything! I cannot wait to see how much he changes in month number 4 but I wish he would slow down because I’d like him to stay my baby forever!
Until next time guys x


  1. 18/07/14 / 12:09 pm

    Can't believe he's 3 months already! You look so well, and he's one happy gorgeous little boy 🙂 xx

  2. 18/07/14 / 3:28 pm

    Awww Max and Isla seem so similar, they'd be good friends haha! He's doing so well developmentally! Clever cookie 🙂 Isla hasn't started giggling yet, I'm dying for her to! Can't believe they're 3 months already. Where did it go?!xx

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