5 Things I’d Tell My Pregnant Self

1. Enjoy your pregnancy and embrace it, because when it’s over you’ll miss it! I moaned pretty much everyday about how I hated being pregnant and how uncomfortable I was. My pregnancy flew by and I really do wish I’d sat back and enjoyed those 9 months of growing my very large baby! I miss his kicks and movements, my ever growing bump and how special I felt. 

2. Sleep! Even though sleeping when preggers is so difficult, make sure you nap and try and get as much sleep and rest as possible. I was so obsessed with preparing everything for Max’s arrival I rarely napped or slept well. I used to hate it when people said ‘sleep while you can because once the baby’s here you won’t be sleeping at all’ I used to think what’s the point in sleeping know when the baby’s here I’ll still be tired. Oh how wrong I was, I would murder a lie in or 12 hours of sleep now.
3. Chill out on the spending Romeca! I spent a fortune on baby stuff, could you imagine if I’d known the gender of my baby?! Luckily I didn’t. My regrettable purchases has to be all the unisex clothes I bought. As soon as Max was here I hated him in white, I wanted blue everything! Also newborn clothing was such a waste as Max was almost an 11lb baby. If I become pregnant again, I’m definitely going to wait and meet my little one first before going crazy on clothes etc. 

4. Stock up! On different sized nappies, baby wipes, and bibs. Thankfully I did this and because of my stash we didn’t need to buy a single pack of nappies or wipes until Max turned 15 weeks! Had I had known id be formula feeding Max I would have stocked up on that too 🙂
5. Do more research on breastfeeding. Whilst I was pregnant I thought breastfeeding would come naturally and would be the easiest thing ever. Your milk comes in your baby latches on, simple right?! Oh how wrong I was! I took a breastfeeding class when pregnant but I honestly didn’t take it seriously. I couldn’t understand how difficult it was and because of that I sat there paying more attention to the tea and biscuits on offer. I would’ve loved to breastfeed Max but when the time came I was exhausted Max was hungry and I just couldn’t do it. I am happy I gave it ago though and Max had breast milk for the first 3 weeks of his life. 
Here’s a bonus one for you!
6. You won’t snap back into shape unless you’re Miranda Kerr ha! I honestly thought I’d be walking around in my size 8 skinny jeans within 4 weeks of giving birth. You loose a lot of weight once the baby is here but you have to work hard and eat right to see proper results. Even now I’m not back to my goal weight but to be honest I’m too busy enjoying my little family to even care 🙂
What would you tell you’re pregnant self? 


  1. 28/08/14 / 7:18 am

    I definitely agree about breast feeding. I just assumed it would come naturally and I actually think that not enough is said about how hard it is by midwives etc. as for the pre-pregnancy weight, I am still wearing my maternity jeans! I have been refusing to buy jeans in the next size up but 6 months in I might have to bite the bullet. X

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