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Here’s my Instagram round up for this week!
1. Max has now started his journey into weaning. We dabbled with baby rice for a few weeks but I just felt like I was spoon feeding him his milk in a thicker consistency. So I decided it was time to get straight into fruit and veg purées. He absolutely loves it and literally screams for more. He now has porridge in the morning and a purée between 2-3pm.
2. Look at those chubby thighs! Max has grown so much in the last couple of weeks and those rolls just keep on coming. I’m finding it really difficult to find leggings/trousers that not only fit his chubbiness but also the length of his legs. He’s so long!
3. Since Max has turned 4 months I’ve needed a few extra bits and bobs. So I’ve put together my ‘4 Month Old Baby Must-Haves’ on the blog.
4. Max has started sitting with his hands closed together. It’s just the cutest and he really looks like a little boy when be does this. He’s desperately trying to sit up on his own now and gets really frustrated when he can’t. I’m hoping he’ll be able to sit up soon!
5/6 Teething is such a pain in the bum! Not only is he in a lot of discomfort but he’s dribble ALOT! To save his clothes and the amount of washing I have to do, I picked up a few Jack and Jillaroo dribble bibs. The bibs are so cute and stylish and they really pull an outfit together not to mention the brilliant quality of the fabric.
7. Oh how I wish I had that wash and go type of hair! It takes me at least a 2 hours to wash, blow dry and straighten/curl my hair, I honestly dread hair washing day. It wasn’t so much of a burden when I wasn’t a mummy, but now it’s so difficult to do as my time is occupied looking after Maxi.
8/9 We’ve signed up to Baby Sensory classes and on Wednesday we had our first class. Max really enjoyed himself and was shattered towards the end. We did baby signing, played with feathers, scarfs, bubbles and balloons. He slept very well that night! We even played with a sensory ball we have at home before bedtime which he can’t get enough off. 
That’s it for this weeks Instagram round up, make sure you follow me, heyitsromeca
Romeca x

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