Max’s 5 Month Update

Max has now moved up the scale to 98th percentile. This chunky monkey of mine just won’t stop putting on weight! The health visitor didn’t seem to concerned but she did tell me to cut down on his milk, he was consuming up to 50oz of milk per day!
I’ve slowly been trying to push back Max’s bedtime from 6pm to 7pm purely for the extra one hours sleep I can enjoy in the morning. Previously he’s been going down at 6pm and waking up at 5am, YAWN! The days seem super long when you’re woken up by a crying baby at 5am! We’re nearly there and Max is going down between 6.30-7pm. He’s still stirring at around 5am but thankfully he does put himself back to sleep and wakes anywhere between 6-7am. Even if he does wake up at 6am we tend to cuddle and chat in bed before getting up. 
Max is now having 3 meals a day and LOVES it! He has porridge for breakfast, a fruit purée for lunch and a vegetable based purée for dinner. The increase in solids means he’s a lot happier and content and seems to be sleeping like a log compared to when he was solely on milk. He used to hate my home cooking but all of a sudden he’s done a complete u turn and just can’t get enough of the purées I make for him. We’ve been following the Annabel Karmel book that Polly from Polly’s Little World kindly gave us 🙂 his favourite purée so far is broccoli and cauliflower. It’s hard work preparing everything from scratch but once you’ve made a whole freezer worth of purées you can easily whip something up within minutes. First thing in the morning I take what is needed from the freezer for the day and pop it in the fridge to defrost then you’re pretty much good to go and ready to heat and feed when required. For convenience we use Ella’s Kitchen when we’re out and about, Maxi loves these pouches a lot. I can’t wait for Max to turn 6 months so we can try a few finger foods, he’s already grabbing the spoon to feed himself, clever boy! His milk intake has now reduced thankfully from 40-50oz per day to 30oz which is great because it saves my bank account, formula is SO expensive! 

Max is such a chunky monkey he’s already in 9-12 month clothing. I’m pretty happy and set with his wardrobe and there’s nothing I need to get, unless I accidentally pop into Zara! Ha! Now that it’s slightly cooler it’s so much fun dressing Max in the mornings. I love putting outfits together and seeing how cute he looks, I’m a sucker for a woolly hat too!
Here’s a list of how Max has developed this month.
He cannot stop rolling from his back to his front. As soon as he’s on his back he literally flips himself over to his front. I often find him on his front at 3am just having a look around. He’s yet to go from front to back.
I mentioned in his last update Max is a side sleeper and needs a helping hand with a blanket or teddy to prop him up. Well he can now swap and change how he sleeps as he feels. Which is great because it was knackering having to move him on to his side the whole time.
Max has started grabbing things. If he spots something, he immediately wants it! He’s partial to the sky remote, my iPhone and pretty much anything he shouldn’t have. He will literally pull/jerk himself towards what he wants to hold, I can’t get over how strong he is!
Maxi can now sit up on his own for like a minute before he becomes tired and flops to one side. He looks so adorable sitting up. Makes me feel so weepy seeing how fast he’s developing, bring me back my newborn please.

This month has been the worst teething wise. He’s been biting, dribbling, chewing and screaming in pain. There isn’t a sign of a little tooth yet, but I’m very sure one will cut through soon. I often give him a baby mesh feeder with cold apple or ice to soothe the pain or Ashton and Parsons powder which he goes MENTAL for.
He’s also started reaching his arms out to me when he wants to be held or for a cuddle. It honestly is the cutest and I run to him when he does this, how can I resist his happy chubby face and arms!
That’s it for this month guys. I probably say this on every update post, but honestly as I post this, I’m already having to think about his 6 month update because it’s really not that far away. Maxi slooooow down for your mumma please I want you to stay my baby forever! Here’s to you being 6 months old in a few weeks, eek!


  1. 29/09/14 / 11:25 am

    He is so beautiful, they grow up so fast don't they! I miss Indiana being a newborn but now she's 10 months she's so much more fun. Look forward to it 🙂 xx

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