Baby Spa by Laura Sevenus*

When Max and I were given the opportunity to visit the Baby Spa in Kensington we jumped at the chance. Max is about to turn 6 months which is the maximum age a baby can visit, so we booked just at the right time. I think it’s something to do with the baby being too attached to Mummy and Daddy to be able to fully enjoy/benefit the experience. 

As soon as you arrive you are greeted and asked to take your shoes off, you’re then shown the baby feeding room. This room is so tranquil playing the softest music, a place for you and your baby to unwind and relax before you head into the spa room. The Baby Spa recommends that you arrive at the end of your baby’s sleeping time and they are fully fed and happy before immersion.

You then head into the spa room and given a swimming nappy to pop on baby. Everything you need is provided, all you need is obviously your usually bits and pieces you would normally take with you in your changing bag.

Then it’s time for the immersion. Depending on the age of your baby you’re either in the neonatal pod or larger pool, we were obviously in the larger pool. Which was fab because Max was able to swim around and push himself to various different areas of the pool. I thought Max was going to hate the Bubby flotation device that’s strapped around his neck but he didn’t bat an eyelid! All the water used is purified by a reverse osmosis system and is heated to the perfect temperature for your baby.
As soon as Max started to whinge a little, the lovely spa ladies grabbed a few toys and popped them into the pool for Max to grab and play with. They were honestly fantastic and really knew what they were doing when it came to helping Max enjoy the experience.

I was told that Max was extremely lucky as it’s rare a baby gets to enjoy the pool to themselves. As soon as Max was taken out of the pool there were 3 babies in there, 2 of which didn’t know each other and were holding hands whilst floating. I could have cried it was so cute.

The flotation usually lasts up to 30 minutes or however long your baby can handle it. Max was in there for the full 30 minutes until he started getting restless and wanted to get out. He was then wrapped in a fluffy warm towel and given a baby massage.

The oil used is unscented grapeseed oil which is sourced from South Africa’s Orange River. It’s quickly absorbed so it doesn’t leave a nasty sticky residue on your baby’s skin but most importantly it’s natural and non allergenic, so it helps with eczema and other skin conditions.

Having attended a baby massage class when Max was around 4 weeks old he was at ease with the rub down. He loves having his massage before bedtime, so when it came to this part of the spa experience I knew he’d love it.

This picture makes me laugh! After he had finished up in the spa we headed back into the feeding room where Max guzzled down a full bottle. You could see from his face he was super relaxed and ready to get back into his bugaboo for a nap, he looked so spaced out, Freddie and I couldn’t stop laughing at the relaxed state he was in once he was in the pram! To be honest we both left feeling relaxed after the experience too. There’s something about the smell, music and calm voices of the spa staff that really helped us all unwind.
My overall verdict is if you have a young baby you HAVE to visit the Baby Spa! Not only are there masses of benefits for your baby’s development but it’s also something fun to do that is completely out of the ordinary. My only regret is I wish I had taken Max sooner!
I just wanted to say thank you to Laura and her fabulous team at the Baby Spa you truly made the experience something we will always remember.



  1. 13/10/14 / 2:22 pm

    Max looks like the cat that got the cream hahah! He looks like the man! I'mgutted I didn't take Baby London but like I said next time I know it's there so whenever sprog 2 pops along I'm going! lol xx

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