Max’s 6 Month Update

Maxi has moved down the scale from 98th percentile to 91st percentile. It must be due to weaning as he’s now slowed down on his milk intake and is taking more food. 
Max’s routine is kind of all over the place at the moment, especially when it comes to napping. He usually likes to go down an hour and a half after waking up but for some reason he’s forcing himself to stay awake. It then gets to 9.30am and he’s a horrible groggy mess. He’s due a feed at 10am so I can’t put him down so there’s a whole half an hour (which doesn’t sound long, but those 30 minutes feel like a lifetime) of me trying to entertain an over tired baby. He used to go down at 8.30am sleep for 30 minutes, have his porridge, and milk at 10am. He would then sleep for 2 hours from 11am. I really need to figure out what I should do, any suggestions please comment below!
I don’t know whether Max is going through another sleep regression but he’s started waking up around 3 hours after being put down at bedtime. He will literally wake up and start playing in his cot. I’ve started having to co sleep as it’s the only way he’ll go back to sleep. As I’m now co sleeping, it means Maxi doesn’t wake up until 6.30/7am which is a massive bonus, even if he does sleep like a starfish and I’m slipping off the edge of the bed.
Maxi has been on solids for two whole months now so I thought it was about time I start introducing finger foods and some cooked dinners. I’ve also introduced a dessert after his lunch which is either a petit filou or an Ella’s Kitchen smoothie pouch. On Sunday I spent most of the day batch cooking and so far he’s tried;
Cauliflower Cheese
My First Beef Bolognese 
One Pot Chicken

He wasn’t so keen on the cooked dinners as obviously it’s completely different to his normal vegetables and fruit purées he’s used to. The flavours are quite rich and intense so it’s something he’ll get used to over time. All my recipes so far are from Annabel Karmel’s Baby and Toddler Meal Planner, I cannot highly recommend Annabel Karmel’s weaning books enough. All her recipes are easy to follow and the prep times are quick and simple. 
In terms of finger foods, Max does gag quite a bit which in turn makes me panic, there’s been moments where I’ve had to fish food out of his mouth using my fingers. My HV said I need to keep trying him on finger foods and soon enough his gag reflex will disappear and he’ll eventually learn how to chew. So far Max’s favourites are;
Carrot puffs
Rice cakes 
I’m hopefully going to cook a yummy roast on Sunday so I can’t wait to give him this for his tea!
In terms of his milk intake he’s now having 5, 7oz bottles a day, still a lot but less than what he was previously having. We’ve also moved up to Stage 2 milk, Max hasn’t noticed the difference which is great. The only difference I can see is it’s a lot thicker so I have to spend extra time making sure the powder has fully dissolved.
Max is still in his 9-12 month clothing. Now the weather has dramatically changed from Summer to Autumn I’m currently on the look out for a cute winter jacket and gloves. I also want to get Max a pair of Uggs to keep his feet warm as I’ve noticed his feet are cold in just socks alone. 
Here’s a list of how Max has developed this month.
He’s finally starting to bear weight on his legs. I was starting to get worried as he would just bend his legs and wouldn’t press his feet down on the floor.
He’s still teething, lots of dribble, moaning, crying but no signs of a tooth. I really do hope he cuts one soon, having a teething baby really isn’t fun.
Max now pushes toys away if he’s not interested and even pushes my hand out of the way if he doesn’t want to be held. Although the latter is a rarity at the moment as Max always want to be held and carried (damn you teeth!)
His personality has really developed over the last month. I’ve noticed he’s quite a sensitive soul and needs a lot of reassurance from me when he’s mixing with other babies and adults. I’m hoping if we keep up with the socialising he’ll gain confidence with other people. He’s also extremely smiley but then he can switch it up and have the most terrible temper tantrums. 
Max loves playing ‘peek a boo’ he’ll even pull his hat over his face then pop it back up excitedly waiting for me to say those three magic words. It’s so cute and also quite clever.
He sits up on his own most of the time now and even reaches for his toys I’ve scattered around him. It’s crazy to think just last month he was only learning how to sit up and now that’s all he wants to do! 
So that’s it for Max’s update, these 6 months have honestly flown by, which is quite worrying as I’m sure the next 6 will also be the same. Happy Half Birthday Maxi, you honestly never fail to amaze me little one x


  1. 25/10/14 / 3:17 pm

    I love the peek a boo game. It's so strange because they know exactly what to do, for little humans it's so clever!

    Happy 6 months Max!


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