Max's 7 Month Update

WOW what a month it has been! We’ve had horrendous teething, colds, chesty coughs, no sleep and a terribly irritable baby. This month by far as been the hardest. I think the hardest thing for me is the no sleep whilst trying to entertain a groggy baby who just wants to be cuddled all the time. Que the violins. 
Looking back at this month I’ve seen a real difference in Maxi, right before my eyes he’s turned into a little boy. He can now say ‘Mamma’ ‘Dadda’  he can clap his hands together, he has so much hair now he can give his Dadda a run for his money. I’m honestly filled with so much happiness seeing him flourish into such a handsome little chap.

Max is nowhere near crawling yet and won’t even stand whilst I hold him, he definitely takes after Freddie in the lazy boy department. But instead of trying to crawl, Max has started playing and instigating games for both him and I to play, he’ll reach his arms out for a cuddle and even tries to kiss me, he can throw; I mean really throw! I’ve been bashed in the head by a flying Monty the penguin on numerous occasions.

With Maxi being poorly this month, weaning has completely slowed down. His appetite for food has completely gone, he’ll have his lunch but dinner is a complete no no, he still laps up his milk feeds though so I’m not too worried. He is obsessed with carrot puffs and rice cakes so he’ll gobble up a couple of those whilst we’re out and about, it’s the perfect way to entertain him. Oh and that’s another thing he hates sitting in his pushchair, so we are still using our BabyBjorn carrier but to be honest it’s falling apart from Max’s weight, so we’ll be on the hunt for another one very soon. 
‘All he wants for Christmas is his too front teeth’ it feels like Max has been teething since he was 2 months old and yet at 7 months he still doesn’t have a single tooth! He has all the usual symptoms, dribble, chewing, sore gums, red cheeks but still no teeth. I’m hoping one or two will pop through very soon, so watch this space!

Everyday, hour, minute, second that passes by, my love for this little boy grows. He honestly is the happiest baby bar teething and being poorly. He will smile at pretty much anyone and is happy to sit surrounded by his toys watching Sophia the First. I feel so blessed that Max is thriving and turning into such a happy little human being. I look at him and just can’t believe he’s all mine, forever and ever. Maxi when you can read and you see this, I just want to let you know your Mumma loves you to the moon and back, you are literally my everything! 


  1. 03/12/14 / 10:18 pm

    Awww, he's gorgeous.

    Btw, 2 days after I posted Jasmine's 7 month update saying she had no teeth – her two bottom ones popped up. I hope Max gets his soon and gives him some relief.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

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