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Freddie and I are in the dreaded process of moving. I say dreaded because where we currently live is somewhere we would love to stay especially for the good schools, riverside and closeness to Richmond Park but due to the ever rising London house prices it’s time to pack up our things and look a little further out.
I thought I’d share the locations we have in mind for our next family home.

Walton-on-Thames is around 10 minutes drive from where we live at the moment, the biggest draw for us is the house prices are reasonable and you get a hell of a lot more for your money. As the name suggests, Walton-on-Thames is close to the river and has a cute villagey feel to it considering it’s only 30-45 minutes away from Waterloo via train. I’ve actually seen a cute two up, two down house and we’re hopefully going to view it this week!
Hampton is another area that’s close by and somewhere we would happily move to. Due to the excellent schools and reasonable house prices this area is full of young families and second time buyers. Again it’s close to the river, Bushy Park and also has a very village feel to it. Although the rail links aren’t that great, it doesn’t really bother us as Freddie cycles to and from work anyway.
Woking is where we start to move slightly out of our comfort zone, to be honest I’ve only ever been to Woking a few times and don’t really know the area that well. Having said that Woking has superb rail links into London and also has the villagey feel that we’re after especially in the Old Woking area. With our budget in mind we could quite easily opt for a big three bedroom family house if we decided to move here.

Twickenham is an area where buying a house is out of the option however if we found a big two bedroom garden flat we’d be very happy to move here. Twickenham has a lot to offer us as it’s occupants are young families, has that closeness to the river, Richmond is its neighbour and Freddie wouldn’t need to travel far for work too. The only downside to Twickenham is on rugby match days the town comes to a standstill and it’s hard to drive anywhere.

Cobham is a beautiful little village in Surrey and has the most beautiful little high street. There’s an abundant of good state and private schools to choose from and also has excellent access to the M25. The houses in Cobham have a lot of character and at affordable prices too.
So that’s my list of locations for our next big move. I spend pretty much everyday sprawling Rightmove in hope I’ll find my dream house. The reality is if we want to move to the above areas we’ll need to find something that requires work, which is fine as it’ll mean I can put my own stamp on the place. It’ll be a sad day when we move from our dinky one bedroom flat, the place we bought Max back to, the home he spent the first year of his life in but I can’t wait to make plenty more memories in our new house in a new location. 
If there are any other locations we should consider, please let me know below.


  1. 19/01/15 / 7:17 pm

    Aberdeenshire is beautiful! It might be a little far for the work commute though! 😉

  2. 19/01/15 / 7:38 pm

    Come down to good old Dorset and be by the sea!!!!such a tough decision you face but hopefully you find your dream house. Or a house that could become your dream house!:) xx

  3. 19/01/15 / 7:47 pm

    All great areas, I think you'll know when you've found the right compromise. Moving is sooooooo sh*t. I totes don't envy you! X

  4. 20/01/15 / 9:37 pm

    I found the conveyancing process incredibly stressful 48 house viewing in 9 months and 4 lost buyers and 1 dream house slipped away but we got there in the end and we moved while I was pregnant. I live in Worcester Park which isn't too far from Kingston and really love it. I wish you lots of luck and don't worry it'll all work out. xx

  5. 21/01/15 / 12:55 pm

    Crikey – I'd love to have your budget if houses in Cobham are 'affordable'!! Don't envy you moving area though – can be really stressful. xx

  6. 22/01/15 / 8:54 pm

    All of that is true. Before the aesthetics, the one thing people should emphasize when puchasing a house is how to make it even richer in value, in terms of what else it can bring to your table, economically. That is how it relates and functions for business, by proximity to hubs or markets or offices and whatnot. That's a pretty good study there, accessible and concise. Thanks for sharing!

    Devin Newton @ Indy Market Homes

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