Max's 8 Month Update

Happy New Year and welcome to my first post of 2015!
So Max turned 8 months old in December and what a month it has been. There was Christmas, Freddie’s 30th birthday, my Sisters birthday, Freddie’s mums birthday and New Years Eve. To say I’m tired is an understatement but having a little time away from the blog has been amazing. It’s nice to spend quality time with my family and not be glued to my phone/laptop the whole time.
Anyway enough of the chit chat lets get into Max’s 8 month update. I’ve really noticed a change in Max this month. I can honestly say it really feels like I have a little boy now and my baby has disappeared. When people told me how fast the first year goes I didn’t believe them, but it really does just whizz by. 
I’ve been a terrible mummy and not had Max weighed in a while. Just looking at him though I can tell he’s definitely doubled in size. His face is rounder, legs chunkier and his hands are huge! He also seems really long now too and my god carrying him is such a chore, my poor arms!
At the start of the month Max was so poorly, I’ve never seen him so ill. He lost weight and would throw up most of his feeds. This went on for about a week, I was starting to get worried but then all of a sudden he started guzzling down milk and food and he’s quadrupled in size. Yay!

Routine and sleep has been incredible this month, I’m sure someone has swapped my baby with theirs! Now Max is a little bit older he’s finally decided that his bedtime is now 7pm and wakes anywhere between 6.30/7am, although there has been the odd occasion where he’ll get up at 5am. There’s also been times where he gets up through the night for a cuddle and a sip of water but I’m blaming that on teething. He’s also napping like a dream too. His current nap schedule is 8.30am (30 mins) 11am (1-2 hours) and 4pm (45 mins). Max has been going through his 6th leap but to be honest I haven’t felt this leap at all, if anything it’s made him sleepier and happy, so I’m very pleased with that.

Max is still guzzling down 5, 7oz bottles as well as 3 meals and a snack a day. I would have thought by now he would want to drop a feed but he’s still holding on to all 5 milk feeds. My purse is feeling the brunt of his huge appetite! He’s starting to want my food now which at first I didn’t mind sharing but now it’s got to the point where he’ll finish his food then turn to me and scream for mine. Max is a real chunk! 
We’re now slowly putting away all of his 9-12 month clothing and I’ve ordered a whole bunch of bits from the baby Zara sale. I’ve gone for 18-24 months in an attempt for his wardrobe to last more than a few weeks! Dressing a big baby is costly work. I’ll be doing a separate haul post soon.
Here’s a list of how Max has developed this month.
Max can now say mumma, mum, dadda and yeah. 
He’ll even try and dance when he hears his favourite songs, especially Frozens Let it go.
We’ve only recently noticed his two bottom teeth have broken through and are coming up together. Which explains his grumpiness and drooling.
Max has recently started cuddling me. He loves nothing more than to watch Sofia the First whilst having a cuddle. It’s the best feeling in the world!
We’re nowhere near crawling or standing yet. But I can see he’s frustrated that he can’t get around on his own. He does give it all he’s got when he’s on his front. I’ve even spent time crawling myself in an attempt for him to see how it’s done but he just can’t seem to hold his weight.
He loves to instigate games to play with me. Whether it’s throwing and catching or playing peek a boo. He also loves having scream offs with me, where we’ll see who can scream the loudest. Max wins hands down! 
So that’s it for this months update! My little baby is now a gorgeous little boy who is turning into such a happy, caring human being. I couldn’t be any prouder of my son, he exceeds all my expectations and is such a pleasure to be around. He really does complete our family! 

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