Our Weekend #2

I tweeted over the weekend that I’d happily give birth all over again then have to move house. I can honestly say this so true, moving house this weekend was stressful, tiring and pure hard work especially with a 9 month old baby in tow. 
Saturday saw us try and attempt to do a few car trips stuffed with all our possessions, back and forth from our flat to our new home. This failed miserably as it took a couple of hours just do the one journey. We quickly scrapped that idea and decided to hire a van last minute for Sunday. If we had planned our move properly we would have just done the one trip with a van on Saturday. It was nice however having one last day/evening in our little flat before moving on Sunday. 

So Sunday was the big day and we managed to load up the van and headed off to our new home by midday. The above picture really doesn’t show just how many IKEA bags, suitcases and boxes we had to unpack. I quickly realised that packing up our belongings wasn’t as difficult as having to unpack and try and squeeze our worldly possession into our room. 

Freddie’s dad kindly bought us this IKEA clothes hanging ‘thing’ so we had extra storage. It’s really come in handy and I actually really like having my clothes exposed, makes for speedy dressing in the mornings. With one final trip to the flat to make it presentable for sales viewings, unpacked the essentials and got ourselves to bed for midnight. Not bad!
This weekend was extremely hectic but looking back it wasn’t all that bad, we just need to be prepared next time around.  I’m hoping this weekend coming we can have a chilled one with lots of food, walks and much needed family time.

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