Our Weekend #5

Max hates being in his pushchair now and all week he screamed whenever I put him in it. He wants to be free not restrained in a sitting position, which to be fair is understandable. So on Saturday we headed to John Lewis to test drive a few backpack style baby carriers. Max is far too big/tall for his baby bjorn now, poor Freddie gets the brunt of his kicks (if you know what I mean lol) 
After being in John Lewis for what felt like 5 hours we finally decided on the Deuter Comfort Air Carrier. It will be perfect for our walks in Richmond Park or trips into town. So on Sunday we decided to head out doors to test drive Max’s new carrier in hope he didn’t scream the whole way round the park.

Despite it being cold, wet and muddy Max really enjoyed being up high and part of our walk. He wasn’t restrained to a pushchair he was on his dadda’s back taking in the sights and sounds of Richmond Park.

We needed coffee and it was nearly Max’s lunchtime so we decided to head to Richmond gate and walk down the hill towards the shops for a well and truly needed break.

Not before stopping at my favourite view point at the top of Richmond Hill. If you’ve been following me on Instagram you would have seen this view a million items. The camera doesn’t do it much justice but it’s breathtakingly pretty. Once we were done sipping on our coffees and Max had been fed we decided to head back home for naps all round. 
To finish off a relaxing weekend we had a home cooked beef stew for dinner and I was in bed at 8pm. Max is super clingy at the moment because of the devil that is teething, so I’m spending most nights up with him as oppose to sleeping. Yawn!
We’re off to London Zoo this coming weekend and I can’t wait to show Maxi all the animals, he’s obsessed with dogs, cats and birds so I’m hoping he’ll enjoy the zoo.
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! 


  1. 01/03/15 / 10:55 pm

    I love that view point and if I'm ever in that area I will definitely go there simply because of your recommendation! Love catching up on your weekend posts (even though I'm so late) hopefully see this weekend tomorrow hah! Those carriers are great and hopefully Max enjoyed it more than his pushchair. Just you wait until he's walking I have such trouble getting Amelia to sit in hers as she just wants to run everywhere. Thanks for linking up hun! #MummyMonday xx

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