Max’s 9 Month Update

My 9 months of pregnancy were the longest months of my life but yet the 9 months of my sons life have just flashed right before my eyes. As I sit and write his 9 month update I’m staring at our video baby monitor in amazement that he’s here in our home and developing into such a wonderful little person. This time last year I was 28 weeks pregnant and really had know clue what was about to come. These past 9 months of Max’s life have been an absolute whirlwind and the best months of my life!
I finally had Max weighed after a few months of putting it off purely because the long wait to be seen by the health visitors, Max has the patience of a nat. Max has gone up the scale and is now 98th percentile for both weight and height. Not a shocker there as he’s always been on the higher end of the spectrum.

Max’s sleep has been the worst it’s ever been. I can honestly say he slept so much better as a newborn than he does currently. He’ll go down to sleep fine but will then wake up at 12am demanding to co sleep. I’ve tried everything feeding, rocking, giving him his dummy but nothing works. I’m hoping this is just a teething phase and it’ll quickly pass but who knows! To be fair we have moved house and he is in his own room now so it may take sometime getting used to. Max’s routine is still very much the same as last month however we have now dropped his 4pm nap, so he now only goes down in the morning around 9am (45 mins) and 1pm (2 hours)

With brilliant advice from a friend who read my previous Max update, we’ve finally dropped a milk feed. She advised to drop his lunchtime feed and swap it with a yogurt and it worked. Max didn’t notice a thing! I’ve come to the conclusion with Max that whatever I give him to eat or drink he’ll just take it so it’s going to have to be me who drops the feeds for him, when I think he’s ready of course. 

We are well and truly in size 18-24 month clothing. I’m kind of going through a bit of a style rut with Max at the moment. The weather in the UK is still bitterly cold so we’re still plodding on by with his Winter wardrobe. I’m desperate to spruce things up with colourful Spring/Summer pieces from baby Zara. I may have already loaded by Zara shopping basket, all I need to do is punch in my card details!
Max is talking. Well in baby language of course, but he’s actually trying to make conversation with me. When he wakes up from his afternoon nap and I’m greeted by a very happy chatty baby, it’s honestly my favourite part of the day. He’ll literally talk to me for about 15 minutes, it’s so cute!
His memory has come on so much. He remembers our conversations, where I’ve hidden a toy or how to stack his building blocks. 
Max is really trying to crawl now. He gets into a crawling position but then kind of flops onto his belly. He’s now figured out the best way to travel is by rolling around on the floor. I have a feeling he’ll be crawling in a few weeks time though.

I’ve noticed that Max loves to cuddle more and snuggle on the sofa. He’s becoming a lot more affectionate and also tries to demand my attention. 
With that comes separation anxiety. Max at the moment has gone from Mr independent to Mr I need my mummy. This also means I’ve encountered my fair share of sleepless nights co sleeping recently.
We listen to the classical FM whilst we both eat our lunch and I’ve noticed he bobs up and down to the music. It’s the cutest thing watching him dance whilst giggling, he finds it hilarious.
Max has also started to protest if he doesn’t want to do something. For example when I’m changing his nappy, putting his clothes on or when he’s going into his bugaboo. I try and sing songs, give him his dummy or make silly faces but to be honest the only thing that works is food!

So that’s it for this months update, sorry it’s a little late but it’s better late than never! Can you believe Maxi is going to be 1 next month! Can someone please give me back my baby. 




  1. 03/03/15 / 1:30 am

    Aw max is so cute! I loved reading this as I've got a 9 month old little man too 🙂 good to hear his height and weight is in the 98th percentile – that's great! how cute that he bops to classical FM.. maybe I should try putting that on for james too and see if he likes it 🙂 xx

    Thrive on Novelty

  2. 04/03/15 / 9:47 pm

    Gosh, he's looking so grown up.

    We totally had that terrible sleep pattern at around 9 months (and a little during the 10 month mark too), I think it's to do with those pesky leaps. Hope it passes soon.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

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