Our Weekend #6

I’ve been desperate for a day where we could venture into London Town as a family without it being ridiculously busy. So Freddie took Friday off from work and we jumped on the tube and took Maxi to London Zoo.

Max absolutely loved watching the animals and was amazed by the different sounds they were making. Maxi is at the stage in his development where he is intrigued by new things whether it’s an animal he’s never seen or a sound he’s yet to hear. Even though he is only ten months old I spent most of the time explaining what each animal was and what country they would have originated from. He loved it! 

He particularly enjoyed the butterfly room and gawped in amazement at the pretty colours fluttery from fruit post to branch. He enjoyed this part of the Zoo so much we’re going to visit Syon Park’s butterfly house this weekend. I hope one lands on him I would love to know what he makes of it! 

Before leaving the house we came to the decision to leave the bugaboo at home and just take our baby backpack carrier. This was a tough decision because we weren’t sure whether Maxi would sleep in the carrier, but he did, yay! Oh and by the way, not having a pram with you when visiting London makes your life SO much easier, especially when you’re nipping from one tube to another.
I would highly recommend London Zoo if you’re in London and stuck on what to do. Although it is a little pricey to get in, it’s well worth it.
Saturday and Sunday were both mooch around the house days. We did our usual walk in Richmond Park, ran some errands and grabbed lunch in a little cafe near the park. On Saturday night Freddie went out on a boys night and decided to sleep until midday as he was nursing a pretty sore head. I can’t remember the last time I slept until midday, lucky for some hey! 
Well anyway enough of the ramble, I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! 
What did you get up to?

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