Our Weekend #8

I remember when I was a little girl and I handed my mum a bunch of daffodils I picked from the next door neighbours garden, I always dreamt my child would do the same for me. I really couldn’t wait for the moment I was a mother and I was able to celebrate Mother’s Day too. There’s something so special about Mother’s Day that out shines Valentine’s Day, Halloween and even Fathers Day and that’s because everyone has had some sort of Mother figure in their lives, who’s cared for them, raised them and made them the person they are today. 

Mother’s Day this year was so special as it was my very first one where I was being doted on. I woke up after having an hours lie in (whoop) and was greeted by a gurgling baby and grinning hubby holding gifts and a card. With Max helping I opened up a beautiful Pandora birthstone ring and a Diptyque figuier candle. My baby knows me so well!

With Max down for his morning nap, Freddie and I popped out to grab a coffee and some bread for our bacon sarnies before heading home to get dressed for lunch. For lunch we went to Giraffe and had he most delicious food. I had prawns for starter and a juicy burger and chips for main. Maxi even ate off the kiddies menu and devoured his sweet potato fries. 
With our Mother’s Day lunch sitting comfortably in our belly’s we headed home for tea and cake. I couldn’t have asked for a better day celebrating all the hard work I’ve put into the first year of Maxi’s life. My only regret is I completely forgot to take a photo of the both of us, I must have been in the moment. I’ll cherish the memories though. 
What did all you mummies get up to on Mother’s Day? I hope you all had a wonderful day.


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