What’s In Max’s Halloween Basket?

With the festive season kicking off with Halloween, there’s no better way to celebrate then by putting together a basket of spooky goodies for your little ones. Max is far too young to trick or treat so for him and me this is the next best thing. I bought Max’s bits from Poundland, Waterstones and Waitrose. 

First up is this cute bat headband. I stupidly bought this thinking Max would wear it but I know for a fact he’ll just keep taking it off. He hates things on his head, I’ll wear it for him instead! 
He won’t be having all four of these yummy chocolate lollies but as a treat he can have one and I’ll eat the rest hehe. 
A pumpkin spinning light toy. I bought one of these for Max’s Easter basket and he’s still obsessed with it.
All of the above were purchased from Waitrose.
Spooky projector torches that project cool images of skulls, bats and pumpkins onto walls. 
Two packets of different types of LED lit balloons. Max has a thing for balloons so I know these will occupy him for a good few hours, well hopefully!
Plastic Frankenstein and bat water bottle that annoyingly didn’t come with a straw. Max is terrible at drinking water so hopefully he’ll enjoy drinking from this.
All of the above were purchased from the pound shop.
Room on the Broom was one of my favourite Halloween books growing up so of course I had to add this to Max’s book collection. We’ll be reading this on Halloween night at bedtime. I purchased the book from Waterstones.
Two little wind up toys from Waitrose.
A smarties chocolate pumpkin and a cute little munchkin pumpkin.
That’s everything in this years Halloween basket! I would love to know how you’ll be celebrating Halloween this year and if you’ve put together a basket for your little ones. 

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