14 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along
14 Weeks and 3 days
What’s my baby up to this week?
This week my little nugget is the size of a peach! He or she is twisting and turning and might even be sucking his or her thumb, cute! My peach sized baby can now frown, grimace, squint and my baby’s reflexes are becoming stronger and a lot more frequent. 
Sleep is becoming quite the struggle, I just can’t seem to find the perfect sleeping position. If I’m on my side for more than an hour or so my hips start to hurt. Swapping and changing positions in bed is disturbing my sleep and as soon as I’m awake I just can’t get myself back to sleep. I need to invest in a pregnancy pillow to ease my sleeping discomforts.
Best moment this week
It’s actually a non baby related best moment of the week and it’s finally completing on our flat. Our flat is now sold to a new buyer and I can happily say it’s lifted such a burden off us both financially and emotionally. We can now invest our time and efforts into something else rather than emails back and forth from estate agents and solicitors. Whoop!
Miss anything
My hormones are all over the place and Ive been pretty darn emotional this week. I really miss feeling normal. One minute I’m happy and the next I’m crying because I think my life sucks, when it truly doesn’t because I have everything I want. I know it’s going to be a very long time until I’m not a hormonal pregnant mess but hopefully I’ll be able to control my emotions a lot better in the next coming weeks.
Maternity clothes
Bye bye non pregnancy wardrobe and hello stretchy maternity jeans and jumpers. I was having a route through my wardrobe the other day and was itching to wear my non pregnancy autumn wardrobe. I bought some really cute pieces this time last year for the colder weather and I can’t wear any of them (sob) We’re off shopping over the weekend so I think I’m going to treat myself to a new pair of boots to make myself feel better.

Slowly but surely I seem to be feeling my little bean move more and more each day. On numerous of occasions I’ve woken up to little tickles and flutters which makes a lovely start to my day. Some days I feel a lot of flutters and others I hardly feel a thing, I know it’s still early days yet so I’m not too fussed about movement just yet.
Food cravings
I’m loving coffee again! I’m allowing myself one coffee a day usually as an afternoon treat with a slice of cake. You know how I said I can’t get enough of water well this week that’s completely changed, I can’t seem to guzzle down water like I used to. I’m now adding an orange dilute to my water which seems to be increasing my intake of the good stuff. 
Anything making you queasy or sick
If I haven’t eaten in a couple of hours I do I feel queasy. It isn’t so bad as the dreaded morning sickness because I can cure it by eating a little snack and then I go back to feeling totally normal again. 
Our 20 week scan is booked for 18th December and we could find out then but I think we’re going to hold off until the bub is born. So for the first three months he or she will be living in white neutral clothing, which I’m kind of into rather than the traditional blue for a boy or pink for a girl.
Symptoms and how I’m feeling

Vivid horrible dreams that usually involve people that were in my life but now not. I wake up feeling quite upset as if the dreams are real then quickly realise it’s my preggy brain playing awful tricks on me.

Spots! Angry looking ones that really hurt, to combat the outbreak I did a mini facial on myself and it  seemed to have calmed the spots down.

I’ve really suffered with headaches this week. They just won’t budge and seem to get worse throughout the day. I think the lack of water is triggering these headaches so I’m arming myself with a large bottle of water everyday moving forward.

Looking forward to
Booking a little weekend away with the family as a before Christmas treat. We visited The Cotswolds this time two years ago before we had Max and it’s absolutely magical this time of year with lots of Christmas markets and yummy food. So I think we’re going to escape the hustle and bustle of London for some fresh air in the country. I think it’ll do us all the world of good.

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