Max’s 18 Month Update

The last month or so Max has really developed both mentally and psychically not only does he look more and more like a little boy but he has his own personality to match. The tantrums are in full force and boy does he tell me when he’s unhappy or wants something. I love my little mans personality and I love he’s able to communicate a lot more freely with me. It kind of makes it easier to parent knowing what he wants although I’ve also had to lay down a few ground rules so he doesn’t push the boundaries, which he tries a lot trust me!
Unfortunately I’m pretty bad with getting Max weighed but I can tell you he weighs a lot because it takes a lot of muscle to carry him. Even his daddy struggles holding him. 
6.30-7am wakes up 
7- 9am we’re usually at home. I’ll sort a few house chores whilst Max entertains himself playing with his toys or watching a little CBeebies.
9-11am we’re out and about usually at a local playgroup or meeting friends for coffee.
12pm and it’s time for that glorious time of day NAPTIME!
2pm Max is awake and raring to go!
3pm and we’re off out to the park weather permitting or we’ll run a few errands around town.
4.30pm we’re back home and we’ll potter around the house until it’s bedtime.
6pm and it’s bathtime! Max’s favourite part of the day.
By 7pm he’s tucked up in his cot and ready to snooze.
Max’s feeding routine goes a little like this.
7am morning 7oz bottle
7.30-8am he’ll have his breakfast. He’s quite fussy with breakfast and won’t have cereal or scrambled egg. He likes buttered toast cut into four squares, a banana and dry Cheerios.
10am snack time usually a piece of fruit.
11.30-12- lunch is served. He loves an omelette with ham, cheese and mushrooms.
2pm straight after his nap, Max will guzzle down a 6oz bottle of milk. 
5pm is dinner time! Which is usually some form of pasta. His favourite is pesto pasta with cheese.
7pm 8oz bottle of milk 
Clothing is such a nightmare at the moment! Max has the longest legs and needs two year old leggings but he has the waist of a six month old baby. Resulting in his leggings ending up around his ankles! We’ve tried baby Zara, Primark and Gap but can’t find leggings that stay up! I would love your guys help with this so please let me know where I can find suitable leggings. 
Max is walking! He walks holding my hand and will walk on his own for a few steps. He needs a lot of reassurance and panics when he lets go of my hand. We’re practicing everyday so hopefully he’ll become a fully fledged walker soon. 

Max’s vocabulary is pretty extensive. I won’t list every word because this post will be really long but he’s really trying to put words together. It’s amazing how far he’s come along with his speech. If I say a new word a few times he’ll try so hard to say it back. We’ve recently learnt the word ‘baby’ due to our impending new arrival in May. He knows what a baby is and points to babies even if their three years old or twice his age. He’ll even point to my bump and say ‘baby’ it’s the cutest thing ever! 
We’re starting to wean Max off his dummy and if I say ‘pass your dum dum to mumma please’ he’ll take it out of his mouth and to give to me. We still have a very long way to go with this but the next step will be getting rid of his dummy for naps and bedtime. Wish me luck. 
Max is learning so much at the moment and is like a little sponge that’s constantly soaking up new information. It’s crazy how much an 18 month old picks up, Freddie and I really need to watch our bad language! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I love reading back on these updates. Let’s see how much he’ll change in his next update when he turns two in six months time, eeeeek!

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