A Baby Gender Reveal

In my last post I weighed up the pros and cons of finding out the gender at the 20 week scan and we came to the decision that we would keep the gender a surprise like we did when I was pregnant with Max. 
Before entering the ultrasound room for our anomaly scan we were STILL debating about whether we should find out or not. With Max we wanted a surprise from the get go but this time around we kinda wanted to know. During our anomaly scan we found out our little peanut was doing great and everything seemed like it should be and he/she was healthy and extremely active. The sonographer then turned and asked us if we wanted to know the gender. We had her write it down on a Christmas card for us to open on Christmas Day. As soon as we finished up and got ourselves into the car we couldn’t bear not knowing and ripped open the envelope and I’m SO glad we did because…

We are happy to announce we are expecting a little baby girl! Max is going to be a big brother to his little sister come May 2016. We couldn’t be happier and we’re so blessed we get to experience what it’s like having a boy and now a girl. We now have the important decision on deciding and agreeing on a girls name which we are arguing about pretty much everyday. We had our boys name sorted so we’re kinda stuck. We have exactly four months to figure it all out! Not long to go….


  1. 28/12/15 / 7:53 pm

    Aw how lovely, congratulations! You sound like us, we were adamant on not finding out then had a last minute change of heart and are also having a girl! We had a boys name too but *think* we've decided on baby girl's name now. Good luck picking a name, sure it will be perfect for her when you find one!xx

  2. 28/12/15 / 8:23 pm

    Lovely news, congratulations! Girls are fab! xx

  3. 28/12/15 / 8:23 pm

    Ah wonderful news, I bet you're so excited! Having one of each is amazing – you really get to see how different boys and girls are haha. Good luck with picking a name, I found girls names so much easier xx

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