35 Week Pregnancy Update

It’s been a whole 15 weeks since I last posted something on my blog. Having reached 35 weeks pregnant, moving and settling into our new house all whilst trying to contend with a crazy active almost two year old meant my blog had to take a back seat. I really wanted to get back to writing again because I love reading my pregnancy updates and all the other bits and pieces that come with being a mummy, it’s like my own personal diary. So I’m back for good, ha! I thought I’d kick off my return by updating you all on my 35th week of pregnancy!
How far along?
35 weeks today. Let the countdown begin!
Baby girl
We’ve recently upgraded from a double to a super king size bed and oh my what a difference it has made to my sleep. I’m able to really stretch out and get comfortable without nudging shoulders with the other half! I feel like I’m 100 degrees at night so it’s nice having my own space. I’ve also invested in the biggest pregnancy pillow that I could find on Amazon which allows me to sleep comfortably and helps relieve those awful lower back niggles.
Best moment this week
Feeling baby girl kick and move from the outside. I’ve got a high anterior placenta which means baby girls movements have been some what muffled compared to Max who would show me his entire anatomy on an hourly basis. As my pregnancy has progressed and she’s become a lot stronger I’m able to feel those precious movements and kind of sense what her routine is going to be like once she’s here. Night owl! #teamupallnight haha!
Worst moment this week
Feeling drained. This pregnancy is completely different to my last. Not only is it difficult having to look after a toddler whilst trying to grow another baby. I’m finding it really difficult to keep on top of housework and general life activities. Everyday feels like I’m doing the same chores over and over. I’m lucky I have a cleaner who comes once a week but little tasks are becoming such a strain on my body. I have to say though I feel a lot fitter in this pregnancy than I did with Max because sh*ts just got to get done regardless if I’m pregnant or not (10 mile walks in the park with the toddler, constant picking up and bending down etc) I’m hoping it will be easier having a newborn and toddler versus heavily pregnant and toddler. Although I’m not holding my breath on that one.
Miss anything
I really miss working out. I know I can still work out whilst preggy but I miss that feeling of achievement you get when you’ve completed a tough workout. I cannot wait to get back into working out once the baby is here and I’ve been given the all clear to do so. I also miss being able to bend down with ease, I need one of those picker upper stick things. 
Maternity clothes 
A few new bits since my last update. A pair of black leggings from ASOS that are kind of see through but will have to do until baby arrives as there SO comfortable and I can’t bear to be in jeans. A few new basic tops from h&m including a checkered shirt which I wear open with a black maternity vest top underneath, black leggings and ankle boots. That’s basically my go to outfit! I can’t wait to wear my normal clothes again, I miss my wardrobe so much! I actually popped into a few NON maternity shops the other week and bought a few cute bits for Spring/Summer. I’ll post my new purchases on a separate blog post.
Food cravings 
Chocolate, chocolate and MORE chocolate! I’m also weirdly craving salads. Last night we cooked Jamie Oliver’s duck salad and oh my god it was yummy!
Anything making you queasy or sick?
We had a dodgy Wagamama the other day which made me feel so sick and nauseous the following day. It’s fair to say I won’t be eating from them in a hurry, it’s really put me off. I’m also weirdly suffering from morning sickness once again. It’s on and off though and not as intense as the first trimester. 
Looking forward to
My final growth scan at 36 weeks ‘the decider scan’. Will I have another 10lbser like Max or is she going to be a diddy thing? Hopefully the later so I can opt for a VBAC but I’m keeping my options open for now. I will let you know what I decide on doing soon.

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  1. 31/03/16 / 9:06 pm

    Ahh love that you're back! Boo to morning sickness returning but woohoo to an excuse to eat chocolate all day err day! So lovely that you're feeling little lady on the outside now, wonderful for Freddie and Max too!
    I'm off to buy that pillow it looks amazing and I oddly lost my last one haha

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