New Purchases For Baby Number Two

Since having Max almost exactly two years ago there’s been a few new releases from baby brands we love. Although we pretty much have everything we need for baby girl I just couldn’t resist these baby buys especially if it makes my life as a mummy of two easier. Here’s to hoping!
1. We used our last Tommee Tippee steriliser to the ground, it was fab and did exactly what it said on the tin. We decided we would upgrade to their new and improved steriliser as our last one was kind of on its last legs. We are yet to test it out but I’m sure it will be just as good as our last one, I also prefer the design of this one compared to the older model. It’s a lot more space saving and looks a lot sleeker on my kitchen counter top.
2. We loved our bedside crib we used with Max however we had to sell it on due to lack of space in our tiny flat at the time. I’m kind of glad we did because although we adored our Troll Bedside Crib I’ve now discovered the Snuzpod Bedside Crib and fallen in love. I’ve been desperate to purchase one even before I found out I was pregnant, I love the design, the removable bassinet and that is has see through breathable zip down mesh sides. It’s all set up and ready to go and everytime I see it I get so excited, I just need the baby now!
3. I didn’t baby wear Max as much as I should have but I think that was probably due to having just the one baby to contend with and he always seemed happy in his bugaboo pushchair when out and about anyway (he was also almost 11lbs at birth, so that was another deciding factor for not wanting to wear him. My poor back haha). This time it’s going to be very different and I’ll need to wear baby girl a lot more to be able to get things done especially with the likes of a crazy toddler around. I decided on the Solly Baby Wrap as I wanted something that would keep her nice and snug especially as a newborn. I love the patterns and the feel of the fabrics used, there’s also something really nice about having your newborn nice and close to you especially as they grow up so quick. 
4. Native Wilds wasn’t a company I’d heard of whilst pregnant with Max but once I deserved this US brand I just couldn’t resist their gorgeous striped ‘nest’. Basically what you’re looking at is ‘the ultimate motherhood accessory’ you can use it as a nursing cover, car seat cover, trolley cover or baby blanket. It’s made from hypoallergenic bamboo and even has an in built pocket for baby essentials. Sold! 
5. Having read and heard amazing reviews on the Sleepyhead I knew I had to have one for my second baby. Luckily my friend was selling hers on so I snapped it up as these sleepyhead contraptions can be pretty expensive. I’m yet to try it out as obviously baby girl isn’t here yet but I’m sure that the sleepyhead inside her snuzpod will aid her into a nice sleep to give mummy some well earned rest. 
6. Now I don’t know whether this is essential or not but when I saw Tommee Tippee’s Express and Go Kit I just couldn’t resist (especially because mothercare have it on offer for £49.99 instead of £74.99!) So what you get is pre sterilised pouches, bottle and pouch warmer that automatically heats milk to the perfect temperature whether the milk is frozen or from the fridge. Compact and lightweight breast milk storage case and breast pump adaptors so I can use my Medela Swing pump. Having only breastfed on the boob for a total of 5 days I decided to stop and express instead as I was in SO much pain. I found the whole process of expressing time consuming and exhausting so I’m willing to give this a try should I have problems with latching etc.
7. Girls clothes! We decided not to find out the gender with Max (although I had a feeling all a long we were team blue because of how BIG I got) however this time around I’ve gone all out and picked some gorgeous girly bits from Zara baby, Gap and a pack of three gorgeous flowery sleep suits (pictured) from Marks and Spencer. Just perfect for our Spring little baby girl. 
I think we have everything we need now for our new addition. We just need the baby so we can make use of all this stuff we’ve accumulated. Once she’s here and we’ve test driven all our new baby bits I’ll of course upload reviews etc on the blog!

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  1. 10/04/16 / 3:02 pm

    So many similarities with our situation and wishlist!
    I think I've now convinced myself to buy the Snuzpod and Sleepyhead just gotta wait til payday! We also found out what we're having this time which helps buying clothes 🙂 and this time around I'm determined to try babywearing although undecided what to try (Tula? Close caboo? Mei tai?) my friend has kindly lent me a moby 🙂 exciting few months ahead for both of us! Xxx

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