Emmie’s Birth Story

Countless amounts of sweeps later I was sat waiting to be seen by my consultant on Friday 6th May 2016, one day before my due date. By this point I was exhausted, heavy and wanted this baby out! The weather was summer like and I just couldn’t bear walking around in black leggings whilst squishing my poor swollen feet into flip flops. I was ready to poor my heart out to my consultant asking her if there was anything she could do to hurry this baby along. See max was 10 days overdue, weighed 10lbs 8oz and was welcomed into this world by an emergency c section. I could just sense history repeating itself all over and I desperately wanted my VBAC delivery. Once in my appointment my consultant said ‘Look, let me give you one last sweep and we’ll go from there.’ It turned out I was 2cm dilated, she could feel the baby’s head and my waters were bulging. ‘Right, I want you to come in tomorrow first thing and we’re going to break your waters for you!’ I could have kissed her I was so happy!
That night we sat outside in the garden just the three of us having our last supper and went to bed. Waking up the next morning it felt like Christmas Day. HELLO due date! We grabbed our hospital bits and Max’s overnight bag and dropped Max off at his Grandparents house. I’ve never felt emotion like I have done the moment I left my baby to go and have another. I closed the front door and was in floods of tears the entire trip to the hospital. ‘End of an era.’ I thought.
In the hospital we were shown our room and had to wait an agonising 8 hours to be seen! Then it was finally our turn. ‘Shit, this is actually happening!’
Waters broken we were told to go for a walk. We sheepishly wondered over to the local Sainsbury’s and then quickly decided it probably wasn’t a good idea as I kept having mini gushes of water that no sanitary towel could hold. I was standing outside Sainsbury’s with water gushing/trickling down my leg, it wasn’t a good look and so embarrassing!
Back in our hospital room I could feel pangs of contractions that were coming every 5-6 minutes. ‘These contractions aren’t bad at all. I hope they continue like this’. I continued pacing around the room, bouncing on my birthing ball trying to hurry things along.
A few hours passed and my contractions were more intense and coming more frequently around 2-4 minutes apart. My midwife gave me an internal and said I was 5cm dilated. By this point I remember the pain exactly. Hunched over the bed with the gas and air nozzle in one hand and my tens machine strapped to my back. I couldn’t help but moo like a cow and scream like a banshee. ‘I need an epidural, someone please get me an epidural!!’ I roared. The midwife explained that the anaesthetist was held up with another labouring woman and I was second in the queue and off she went, leaving  us in our room so I could continue to labour. It had only been 20 minutes before I was pressing the buzzer demanding the midwife to get the anaesthetist for my epi. 20 minutes just felt like an absolute lifetime! I remember I kept pressing the buzzer everytime I got a contraction, haha!
I continued on gas and air when my midwife decided to check how far dilated I was. ‘You’re 10cms’ she said. I can remember how shocked she was that I had dilated so quickly. A few hours previously she was ready to move me onto a ward because she didn’t believe I was in ‘active’ labour. ‘You’ll be ready to push in the next 30 minutes’ she said as she closed the door behind her. I remember exactly how I felt at this point, relieved I had made it to 10cms but also extremely scared and anxious. With Max’s labour I got myself to 10cms but wasn’t able to push him out and all of a sudden I was in the theatre room being prepped for an emergency c section. I wanted a VBAC this time!
30 minutes flew by and before I knew it there were 2 doctors in the room and a whole bunch of other people ready and waiting for baby to arrive.
I pushed for what felt like hours and her head would come down but then go back up so the doctors decided to help and gave me an episiotomy. Two pushes later and my baby entered the world. ‘Is she okay? Is she okay?’ I kept saying. ‘Yes she’s perfect!’ She was placed on my chest and I immediately put her on my breast to nurse which she thankfully took to. I remember feeling this overwhelming sense of pure love and euphoria. I did it! I got the VBAC I wanted and I just couldn’t believe my little baby girl was here. I had Emmie Jane de Metz at 5.50am Sunday 8th May and was home with Max by early evening ready for his bedtime bath. So perfect and exactly what I wanted.
I just wanted to say a big thank you to the midwives that looked after me and my husband from start to finish, through to my postnatal care. Without those wonderful women I honestly don’t know what I would have done. They offered encouraging words  through labour, helped me get on top of breastfeeding without being pushy and supported me through the first year of my baby’s life.
‘Fortunately, 90% of women have reported that their midwife spoke to them in a way they understood. And 89% of women felt that they were treated with respect by their midwives’ This quote is taken from Smart Cells where would we be without them?! #ThankYouMidwives



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