I had a baby

I blogged! I know I know It’s been a while, so what’s been going on? Well.. I kind of felt like there were so many parent bloggers and felt so overwhelmed by it all I just wanted to quit and not bother with my blog. I was also heavily pregnant with a toddler and needed a break to just breathe and take it all in. I needed space to relax and enjoy the moment of just having my one little boy before my little girl came along and I’m so glad I took the time out to do just that. Then one night as I sat cuddling my new baby I realised that I wanted to document her life just like I did with Max. I read through all my old blog posts and it was very bitter sweet. Sweet because I got to re live my baby boy’s first year through blog posts and photos and bitter because I was yet to document my baby girl’s first weeks. I think I’ve realised that blogging shouldn’t be about how many followers you have or how far you are up the tots 100 scale. It’s about writing and documenting your life so that one day you can look back and re visit your life’s trials, tribulations and celebrations!  I’m just going to get stuck back into blogging and try my best not to feel so overwhelmed and swamped by it all. I’m going to blog about what I want when I want!
So as the title suggests I’ve had a baby. I think my last pregnancy update I was 35 weeks pregnant and dying for it all to be over! Oh how different that story is now as I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. It’s funny how once you have your baby here you forget about how hard those last weeks of pregnancy are.  I had my baby girl at 40+1 weeks on Sunday 8th May at 5.50am and she is SO perfect. I can’t stop staring at her, I just cannot believe she’s all mine. She’s the most happy and content baby I’ve ever met and she’s slotted into our family perfectly. I honestly can’t remember life without her. Max has also flourished since her arrival and become the best big brother. He cuddles her when she cries, plays with her when she’s awake and is protective of her when people approach her. I’ll post more about how Max has adapted to his new role soon as well as my little girls birth story.
Let me introduce you all to my gorgeous baby girl Emmie Jane de Metz who weighed a precious 8lbs 2oz. I love her so much. It’s true what they say. You can love another, your heart just simply gets bigger x 


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  1. 25/08/16 / 9:15 pm

    Huge congrats Romeca, I did see it on insta but just catching up on blog posts now. She is beautiful! I agree the blogging world can be overwhelming and like you i love looking back on Oscar's journey into the world. I do it for me. x

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