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The first few months of becoming a mother to two children was pretty good and plain sailing. Emmie slept most of the day and her night time sleep was relatively good for a newborn. I remember thinking to myself this isn’t as hard as people make out. Oh how wrong was I! Emmie hit the 4 month mark and her sleep became non existent which meant she was more alert and needed actual stimulation during the day not to mention she wanted to spend every waken hour on the boob. I started to find managing two children really difficult and often wondered how I would make it through the day. Emmie’s life from 4-6 months has been a bit of a blur, Ive survived most of it on lots coffee, cake and chocolate (damn you 4 month sleep regression) Now we’ve hit the 6 month mark life seems to have calmed down a bit. We’ve started weaning (more on that in another post), she’s finally decided to sleep and we’re starting to develop a routine for naps and bedtime. Max has always been a routine baby and a brilliant sleeper so it really hit me like a ton of bricks when I was gifted with a baby who likes to feed on demand and wake every two hours at night. We’re getting there though and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fingers crossed.
Apart from my life as a mummy to two gorgeous little humans I’m also in the process of planning our 2017 wedding. It’s so exciting and gives me something to focus on when both the children let me! We’ve set a date, chosen our wedding venues, an amazing photographer and now it’s time to focus on the little parts of our wedding, like decor etc. I’ve been pinning my heart out and created tons of wedding boards on Pinterest, Pinterest is my life at the moment. So far planning has been fun but I know as it edges closer to our day I’ll become a bridezilla and start freaking out, ha! I can’t wait to become a Mrs and actually share the same surname as my family! There’s going to be a few blog posts on how my wedding planning is going and what my ideas are for the big day so stay tuned for those if you’re interested.
Blogging wise I’ve been a little slack actually I’ve neglected it. It’s SO hard to manage two littles, a house, wedding planning and just general life circumstances as well as my blog. I found I was becoming so overwhelmed with everything and needed a breather. I went for brunch with a close friend and she said what’s happened to your blog? I get that quite a lot, it did make me reevaluated everything. And so I’ve decided that I need to set dedicated blog time each week, I love my blog so much and I really do miss it. I hope you haven’t minded the radio silence but I’m back and will hopefully have two new blog posts a week for you guys, kicking off with a couple of Christmas gift guides because I mean we only have 35 days left it’s basically Christmas now!


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