6-12 Month Baby Must Haves

With Emmie fast approaching the big F I R S T birthday I thought I would put together our must have items for the 6-12 month baby stage. I think this stage in the first year is extremely important. Your baby is sitting up, weaning, learning to crawl or walk and there’s so many things that can help assist your baby with these wonderful milestones. So without further ado lets get stuck in.
Teething is the bane of every parents life! Emmie really suffers with teething and I try to find ways to help soothe her sore gums. On my quest to find pain relief I found she loved sucking on breast milk ice lollies. These moulds are perfect for little ones because they have a handle so there easy to hold and are the perfect amount to soothe swollen gums.
Easy to transport and easy to clean these bibs have been a staple item since having Max. I now use them for Emmie when we’re out and about or at home. They collect mess which is always a bonus and really are the only bib you’ll ever need apart from the ones I mention below.
We used the Angelcare bath support from Newborn to 6 months, we then upgraded to the Angelcare bath seat once Emmie was able to sit up on her own. This seat provides the right level of support and comfort and is anti slip. I would definitely recommend this particular bath seat as I used a different type with Max and he was so uncomfortable in it and used to slip around which isn’t great.
With Max I must have tried every beaker under the sun in hope to ditch the bottles. Thankfully this time around I came across the miracle trainer cup by Munchkin. It has a 360 degree drinking edge which eliminates spills and automatically seals when your baby stops drinking. It has handles so it’s easy to hold, easy to clean with no extra parts and I think it looks good! You can get them in pink or green as well as blue I believe.
At around 9 months I started serving Emmie’s lunch and dinners on these cute apple plates instead of placing her food directly onto her highchair table. These plates are great because they have dividers and the design is super cute and at £4.99 for a pack of three plates I think that’s a bargain!
If you’re after convenience then you need these bibs. I’ve found them great for travelling and when you’re out and about. There just so handy to have in your changing bag, they also fasten securely and have a little pouch to collect food spillages. You get 20 in a pack.
If you’re an expectant mother and you want to baby wear you need two types of slings in your life. A wrap sling for newborn to 6 months and then an Ergobaby carrier for when your baby is a little heavier. I’ve used this carrier without a doubt every single day since Emmie turned 6 months. She’s a baby that likes to be close to mummy at all times and it makes my life easy having her strapped to me so I can tend to the toddler, clean the house, tidy, cook dinners etc. The things I like about the Ergobaby is it’s comfortable for Emmie and most importantly myself as it’s me that’s doing the carrying. It also puts your baby in the correct sitting position for their hips, pelvis and spine growth.
Emmie watches everything her brother does and in particular when he’s eating so I thought I’d get her her own cutlery set. I went for this one because it has chunky soft grip handles and lightweight to hold. She seems to be really enjoying feeding herself even if sometimes it’s a bit hit and miss.
Any sort of stacking games Emmie absolutely adores and goes mad for. She loves it when I stack the cups up so she can knock them down. She’s desperately trying to master putting the rings through the white base and it’s really cute to watch. We can spend hours playing stacking games which is brilliant because it means she’s rarely bored if we’re having a stay at home day.
Another fun activity we like doing is reading. Ems loves anything that’s touchy feeling and she really enjoys the repetition of ‘that’s not my..’ I find reading is a great way of getting both children to play and Max loves to read to Emmie, it’s his favourite thing to do at the moment.
Since Emmie has started crawling we’ve had to pack away our jumperoo, much to my disappointment. The next best thing is a ball pit, it’s fun and a safe place for her to play. I can pop her in and she’s free to move around whilst being contained as we haven’t really baby proofed the house properly yet. It also means she’s far away from Max and his toys so he can play happily too! The only negative is the balls end up everywhere which doesn’t help the OCD in me.
We used this walker with Max and it’s because of this walker he learnt how to walk. It comes with gorgeous building blocks which aren’t brightly coloured or garish, which is always a massive bonus for me. The walker not only does its job it looks pretty and is definitely one to keep for years to come. Max still plays with it now and he’s almost 3!
Sorting shapes has quickly become one of Emmie’s favourite playtime activities.  We particularly enjoy this Cookie Shape Sorter by Fisher-Price. It’s entertaining but yet educational, it has a glowing red nose that senses your baby’s hand movements and 2 different modes which teach baby about shapes and numbers. It’s currently reduced down to £11.99 so grab one soon!
So that’s all of our favourites at the moment. What are your 6-12 month baby must haves?

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  1. kerry norris says:

    A great list. We loved the munchkin cup and I'm still using that ball pit x

  2. I tell you what, a baby carrier was honestly one of the best things I bought! They are so handy for helping little ones to sleep & making life a little easier when you head out.

    Those ice moulds are also BEYOND useful!

  3. sivjini says:

    Great tips. I am bookmarking this page. Most probably by next year, I would be needing to re-visit this page for these wonderful tips.

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