Emmie Jane at 12 Months

Oh my little baby girl I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. The sweet little cry you made when you entered into the world, the moment you were placed on my chest, the moment you nursed seconds after you were born, the moment you first looked into my eyes. I knew from that very moment my life had changed forever. You made my heart expand beyond belief, all my worries about not being able to love another child quickly disintegrated. For you my child made me a mother of two, you made me the proudest mother on the planet, you completed our family and made us whole.

So much has changed over your first year, it’s been a whirlwind of a year and the fastest year of my life. You’ve gone from being a quiet little baby into this rambunctious little girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t mind pushing past her older brother to get it. You’re incredibly kind, loveable and a bit of a teddy bear addict. You love the teletubbies and bop up and down to the theme tune and when In The Night Garden comes on before bedtime you hysterically scream at the TV and then fall silent into a daze. Music makes you happy and I’ll always find you jiggy along to songs which we all find hilarious. You’re passion for laundry is the cutest, you’ve forever got your head in the laundry basket pulling out clothes and in your own little way you fold and sort. So adorable.

Let’s talk about sleep or the lack of it. Unlike your brother you’ve never slept through the night. Bar one night when you slept through until 8.30am and we had to wake you up because we were scared something had happened to you! You’re yet to reward us with a decent nights sleep, you wake up once or twice in the night for comfort a cuddle and some boob. I love the way you snuggle into me when I’m feeding you back to sleep, your soft little hands stroking my arm as you slip back into a deep slumber. As much as I moan about needing a full nights sleep there will come a time when you will no longer need me. So I will cherish our special time together when the worlds asleep, I’ll cherish cuddling up to you hearing/feeling your sweet breath on my chest because it’s our time, just you and me.

You’re still very much on the boob, I’ve tried everything to wean you off since turning 1 but you’re having none of it. I’ve stopped trying now and I’ll let you take the lead baby girl. You’re a fabulous eater and can eat your brother under the table that’s for sure. Your favourites; weetabix, pancakes, sweet corn, pasta to name but a few and you’ll wolf it down and demand some more or even steal off your brothers plate!

Watching you and your brother together brings me so much joy. You play so nicely together and my favourite thing to do is sit with a hot cuppa and watch you both squabble over the same toy or playing cars together, the little tea parties you both have with your animal friends and how you listen to Max when he’s giving you instructions about the pretend traffic jam you’re in. You have a few girly toys that you like for example your baby dolls but sorry little one you’re most likely going to end up being a tomboy with an older brother around. You watch his every move and try and copy what he does, which is absolutely adorable. You try so hard to put the sand in the bucket just like Max, you try so hard to use a fork and knife just like Max and you try so desperately to put on his clothes which makes us all chuckle. You love him so much already and I hope over the years your bond will only grow stronger.

Emmie Jane de Metz you are the little baby girl I never imagined having, you’re the baby that just keeps on giving and your little squeals of excitement make us so so happy. I’m incredibly proud to be your mummy and I cannot wait to see how you continue to grow. I’ll be right by your side every step of the way picking you up when you fall, pushing you to follow your dreams and I’ll be there when your first boyfriend breaks your heart. I’ll be there every step of the way. Happy 12 months darling.


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