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I’m not sure if I’ve properly mentioned this on the blog before but I’m GETTING MARRIED in less than 90 days (gulp) The wedding planning has been kind of intense with two little ones, slowly but surely we’re getting there though. All the big bits have been sorted so now it’s all the finer details that need doing.


Ever since we got engaged and started planning our wedding I’ve been desperate to visit Jo Malone for their Scent Your Wedding Experience. I also knew from the moment I got engaged it would be a cologne from Jo Malone that I’d wear on the big day.

Booking your appointment with Jo Malone is super easy and can be done on their website. It’s also complimentary and you have no obligation to purchase anything. Although trust me when I say you’ll definitely walk away with something! I decided to book at their Selfridges branch because I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and buy my wedding shoes from the shoe gallery.


On arrival we were greeted by a lovely Jo Malone assistant called Lesley. She quickly got us seated and offered my mum, sister and I a lovely chilled glass of champagne.

I adore the decor at Jo Malone, lots of monochrome and the attention to detail is spot on. Once we were all seated Lesley asked a few questions about the wedding. ‘How many guests were attending’ ‘What my dress looked like’ etc She then went on to discuss the colognes that I already had from the store and my answers she was able to go away and pick up some fragrances for us to try.

We spent a good 25 minutes discussing scents, swatching scents, mixing scents. It was amazing smelling some of the combinations she was putting together! I have to say I was a little nose blind by the end of all the sniffing!


Once we had all decided on what colognes we wanted for the wedding, Lesley gave us all a little black pouch to pop our jewellery into and we were all treated to a beautiful hand and arm massage. She used the new Body Scrub in Lime Basil & Mandarin, which felt and smelt absolutely divine. Once the scrub was off she applied Peony & Blush Body Creme which felt super thick and extremely nourishing. The best part was the massage, just what I needed to feel relaxed after a hectic week with the children during half term, ha!

Once the massage was finished Lesley spritzed the first of my chosen scent on both arms and made me go in for another sniff. Cologne smells completely different on your skin compared to a card tester so she wanted to make sure this was the one I wanted. Once the cologne had dried she then spritzed my second scent of choice on top of the first scent. Jo Malone scents work really work together and can make some beautiful combinations. They even have a fragrance combining workshop you can attend!

I decided to go with two 80ml bottles of Peony & Blush and my all time favourite Woodsage & Seasalt. Peony & Blush is super romantic and girly whereas Woodsage and Seasalt offers a more fresh earthy scent, both together smell divine. It was on the pricey side especially for fragrances but I’ll keep those bottles and see it as a mini investment, something I’ll treasure and wear forever.


I think it’s really important to really think hard about the fragrance you’re going to wear for the big day. You can wear it on your honeymoon, wear it as a reminder of your wedding. Photos and videos are great but there’s nothing like smelling something to take you back..


What fragrance did you wear on your wedding day? Does it remind you of your wedding day and bring back beautiful memories?


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