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It’s taken a lot for me to post this photo up on social media. I’m not one for showing off my body in a bikini let alone my underwear. For the last 4 years I’ve been pregnant, not pregnant, pregnant again and breastfeeding. My body has changed beyond belief and it’s been some what of an eye-opening experience to say the least.

Before I fell pregnant with Max I was a comfortable size 10, a few stretch marks from growing but nothing too noticeable. I look back now and think to myself ‘Why on Earth was I so hard on myself. My body was amazing!’ But pre kids I honestly thought I was big and hated showing off my body. Pregnant with Max I ballooned, weighed the heaviest I’d ever been! I wasn’t working and basically used to sit and stuff my face with chocolates, crisps and all the yummy unhealthy foods you crave when pregnant. I think all of the above then resulted in me having a whopper of a baby 10lbs 8! Once I had given birth my body had completely changed and I remember looking at myself in the mirror in floods of tears vowing NEVER to show my body ever again! It didn’t help that I had a terrifying birthing experience which resulted in an emergency c section. My stomach literally hung over my scar! The recovery was slow and my body didn’t bounce back like those celebrity mums you see in the magazines! I was devastated.

14 months later I fell pregnant with Ems and I promised myself I wouldn’t let myself get as big as I did when pregnant with Max. It was actually a lot easier second time around because I was too busy running after the toddler to sit and eat all day long like I had done previously. Ems was born weighing 8lbs 2 with a quick and easy natural birth. I was able to breastfeed from the moment she was born and it was just a completely different experience than before. It just goes to show that no two births are the same. My stomach shrunk ever so quickly and honestly 2 months later I was back in my size 10 skinny jeans!


After having Ems I’ve become a lot more comfortable in my own skin. My body created two beautiful children, my body is a miracle worker. And because of this I’m thankful for my body, I’m at peace with my body and I’m in LOVE with my body. Without it I wouldn’t have Max and Ems, my most prized possessions. My new body is covered in stretch marks, saggy skin and my once belly button is pretty much non existent. I’ve managed to get down to my pre pregnancy weight but it’s nowhere what it looked like before I birthed my children. I want to be happy and that’s why I’m loving the #mamafigure and #lovemybodyandlovebaby campaign I’ve seen on Instagram and I wanted to show my support by bearing my bod for you all to see. This is real life, real mothers! I’m proud of how much this body has done for me and you should feel the same about yours too.


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