Toddler and Baby Milk Bath Photography Tips


There’s something so serene and pretty about milk bath photography. I’ve seen some beautiful photos on Instagram and I’ve been eager to get both Max and Emmie in a milk bath for quite sometime. It was one of the most difficult photo sessions I’ve done! I was covered in milk water from all the splashing, the kiddies wouldn’t stop eating the flowers and it was tough re arranging the flowers whilst the toddler decided it would be hilarious to throw them out of the bath! But I’m more than pleased with the photos I’ve got and I know I’ll treasure forever.


I thought I’d share my shots with you all and a few helpful tips if you want to re create this at home too.



1. Decide what milk you wish to use. I used whole cows milk but you can use whatever milk you like. Anything from breastmilk to almond milk. Any kind of milk will work for this.


2. Fill your bath to the desired level then add your milk. The more milk the more opaque it will look. Remember it’s easier to add milk than it is to take away. So put in a little at a time until your happy.



3. Use real flowers. Not only do real flowers look pretty, they also won’t sink like artificial flowers. I learnt this the hard way! I also found having a mixture of whole flower heads and petals created a prettier effect.
4. Try and use natural light. We did our milk bath during the day when there was as much natural light in the bathroom as possible. I have read that you can use your camera’s flash as the milk water is super reflective and will make the bath look even whiter.




5. Put the toddler and baby in the bath first and then scatter your flowers/petals. This for me was the trickiest part! You need to be super speedy and have your camera ready to roll.



6. Then finally once you’re all set up. Snap, snap, snap away. Use different angles, distraction techniques. For example I got Max to tell me the colours of the flowers, we sang songs and made it a fun experience. I must have taken over 100 photos and luckily there were about 20 that were useable.


I hope these tips were helpful. I’m in love with the photos I’ve got and I will honestly treasure them forever. Just goes to show you don’t always need to invest in a professional photographer and you can do a lot of these sorts of shoots at home using your own camera or even the camera on your iPhone.


Have you done a milk bath photography shoot? Leave your links below as I would love to look at them.

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