BabyBjorn Highchair Review

If there’s one baby item you should invest in it’s a highchair. You’re baby will spend a lot of time in one from weaning up until the age of two/three. I thought I’d give you guys a review of the BabyBjorn Highchair because quite frankly it’s awesome and one of the best we’ve seen and used. We’ve used this highchair at home, thrown it in the car boot when travelling even the 3-year-old has used it! The BabyBjorn surprisingly folds up pretty flat and is only 25cm wide when doing so which means it can easily be stowed away in the corner of the dining room when not in use. It’s definitely a great option if you’re on the go a lot or need the space when it’s not in use.

The chair is incredibly beautiful and the design has been really well thought out. It’s easy to clean because of its smooth surfaces which prevents food from getting stuck and it will go with most decor. It has a curvy moulded seat which helps baby sit up right and can be adjusted as your child grows. It also has a real modern feel about it due to its slim black legs and simplistic design. It’s also super compact which pushes it above any other highchair in my opinion. It’s roughly around 30% smaller than most other brands of highchair but can still fit a child up to the age of 3!

The table itself fits snugly against Emmie’s tummy and means all the food that doesn’t make her mouth will simply fall onto the table. This then saves Emmie’s clothes and my time having to clean the entire highchair. The tray can also be detached for cleaning, we tend to pop ours in the dishwasher when it’s in need of a thorough clean.

In terms of safety there’s no harness straps just a table that opens down and up. I was a bit sceptical about this at first but wow it makes such a difference when you can just pop them in and out without having to wrestle them into a harness strap. When the table is closed it will keep your child securely and safely in the chair. The table makes it difficult for them to use their legs to push themselves out  and the table lock cannot be opened by a child which is fab if you have an escape artist child like my own.

So over all we’re blown away by the BabyBjorn. It’s fabulously designed, easy to clean with no fabric and straps. The table can be un clipped and thrown into the dishwasher or easily wiped down clean. We’ve used this highchair ALOT and it still looks brand spanking new! It’s light and easy to move around the house especially useful if you have two young children or if you want to dine alfresco like we tend to do in the Summer months. The table slides up and down to different positions depending on your child’s size and the overall design means it can fit a child up until the age of three.


If you fancy getting your hands on one they retail for around £199 on the BabyBjorn website and come in an array of cool colours from pastel pink to mint green. I have to say I’m glad I chose the black and white because of how modern and cool it looks! The BabyBjorn is on the higher end of the highchair market but I can honestly say there’s not one thing I dislike about it. It’s perfectly designed and a lot of thought has gone into the process of making it. If you want to invest in one piece of baby gear make sure it’s this highchair because you honestly won’t be disappointed.


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  1. 05/03/18 / 9:17 pm

    the BabyBjorn products are amazing and defintely products that i look out for all times.
    The high chair is exceptional and I loved reading your personal review of it. I love the fact it has a simple footrest on it that helps keep baby comfortable.

    simple to clean and long lasting like all babybjorn products – a must buy!

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