#smarTdiscoveries with the SmarTfold trike*

SmarTrike for most parents has always been the go to brand when it comes to your little ones first birthday presents. It’s a promotion from the pushchair and also fun for the little ones to explore in a different mode of transport. We bought an older version for Max  when he turned one nearly 3 years ago now (time flies!) It definitely isn’t as swish as this beauty. Emmie is one lucky little lady.


I thought I would put together a review of our smarTfold trike because so many of you commented with lots of questions on my instagram post. So here it is..

The SmarTfold trike is like no other on the market. It can be folded down to just 85% of its original size making it super compact and portable. For me this was the one thing I hated about Max’s trike and we pretty much rendered it useless. We just couldn’t take it anywhere, unless it was for a quick trip to our local park. We’re the sort of family who enjoys exploring new places so we need baby equipment that’s compact and easy for us to transport. With the SmarTfold we can lob it in our boot with lots of room to spare and head out on our adventures.



I thought I was going to have trouble with folding and unfolding the trike because quite frankly I’m pretty useless at that kind of stuff. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was to put together and fold away. No tools are required, it’s just one click into place and you’re ready to go. Perfect for busy parents! It even has a handy cover which you can pop on over the trike for easy storage and it’s a brilliant way of making sure the dirt from the trike doesn’t transfer onto the car boot.

In terms of features the SmarTfold has plenty..


  • Touch steering for an easy comfortable ride
  • The wheels easily switch from parent to child control when you need it to
  • Two position footrest and a soft seat cushion
  • Canopy for protection from the elements
    Large storage bag to house all your essentials for your adventures.
  • The trike can be used from as young as 9 months to as old as 36 months. Max has even had a go with the SmarTfold and he loves it!


The trike not only has all the above features it will grow with your child meaning you will get a lot of use out of it. For me it’s paramount we get our money’s worth when it comes to baby ‘stuff’ because the littles seem to grow out of things so quickly!

So overall my opinion of the SmarTrike is it’s really good. The entire family have enjoyed the trike it’s definitely a neat piece of equipment. Would I have bought this for Emmie? Yes definitely! We live in a small London house so space is important and the SmarTrike offers everything we need from it. It’s compact, easy to fold/unfold, both the littles love it and it offers a comfortable ride for both the parent pushing and the child.


If you’re interested in buying the SmarTfold trike you can purchase it from Argos.




We were sent the SmarTfold Trike for review purposes and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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  1. 26/10/17 / 7:36 pm

    Oh I like this. I am not a fan of the garish plastic versions and the fact this actually looks like a buggy and folds down so small. Its perfect! Will have to do some more investigating.

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